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We don't settle just for good.

We sign-off only if our work is exemplary. Here are the services we're best at.

We are building products that are complex for today's world but will be the norm for tomorrow. With passion in our heart and our lifelong commitment to building great products, our close-knit team has never stopped amazing people. Every single day, we work hard to push ourselves forward.

The culture we have created is unique to us. A Skcripter will never let another Skcripter fail. This drives and accelerates our ambitious product development that yields breakthrough technologies in AI and Machine Learning.

If you think you are ready for a new challenge in life that you will be proud of, please hit the Apply button and reach out to us. You will see where an inspiring, open and collaborative work environment will take you in your life.

Let's work together on building breakthrough technologies that go beyond our universe.

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Our Services

User Interface Consulting

Our team of talented designers, who've fought their way up in the industry, are obsessed with design. From re-branding your product to building something from scratch, our process is the best.

User Experience Consulting

While the user interface is a crucial part of our designs, the user experience is the one that brings delight throughout. Our proprietary user experience design process helps you build the best UX, ever.

Information Architecture

Your data and information need structure to represent them in a friendly way. From the time of signing the dots till the hand-off, our team works with you to make sure things are just right.

Complex Business Analytics

We've mastered the art of helping businesses make sense out of their data. Our data science teams work relentlessly to perfect their algorithms and cater results specific to your enterprise.

Recommendation Engines

Have a product that should recommend the next step to your users? With experiences in building recommendation engines for media, construction, and manufacturing companies, we're the best at it.

Predictive Analytics

We've invested more than 4 years working on predictive analytics for internal purposes, as well as our customers. Why deploy a fresh new team, when we can finish it in a jiffy.

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Working with the world's best

Over the course of years, we've partnered with some of the best companies on planet Earth to make fantasies possible.

Google Microsoft Amazon SAP Labs India
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All you need to power your business.

Allt is an all-in-one platform that gives you powerful tools to run your business. Whether you're a small team of three or a large team of 100, Allt helps your business stay organized.

Think of Allt as your very own desk, with discussions, task lists, and files, everything neatly organized. The way you always wanted.

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Skcript fundamentally transforms the way businesses think about problems. We would be more than happy to work with you for the same.

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We regularly engage in conversations that involve design, human interaction and intelligence. Write to us with interviews and speaking requests.

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Skcript is actively looking for people who're exceptionally good at doing what they do. There's always room for people with talent at our HQ.

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