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Your business already has data that when presented to you the right way, can impact the business for good. Power BI is a Business Intelligence tool for which you can hire consultants like us to take a look at your data, and visualize them for you to consume easily.

At Skcript, we specialize in building complex charting libraries on Power BI that gives you unlimited possibilities to visualize your data. With Power BI and the right partner, you get a 360 degree view of your data right where you want it. Be it your desktop computer or your phone.

We have worked closely with customers in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and rest of the Middle-East for Power BI implementations.

What is Power BI?

Power BI is a Business Intelligence tool from Microsoft that allows you to visualize your corporate data easily. The tool is being offered both on cloud and on-premise.

No matter what version you go with, Power BI gives you the ability to source data from your existing system onto its platform using a small tool called Gateway.

Why do I need Skcript for us to use Power BI?

Power BI is just a visualization platform that needs structured data to display what you want to see. Skcript specializes in data cleansing and data parsing for Power BI’s use.

It is not just that, we have experience implementing highly complex visuals using D3.js on Power BI to help organizations build dashboards for departments like:

  • Power BI for Finance Department;
  • Power BI for Executive Department;
  • Power BI for Human Resource Department;
  • Power BI for Sales and Marketing Department;

How much does Power BI cost?

Power BI offers three tiers of costing currently;

  1. Power BI Free; this is the desktop version that ‘individuals’ can try for free;
  2. Power BI Pro; costs you $9.99/user/month;
  3. Power BI Premium; costs depends on the size of the organization; we usually suggest this for companies with hundreds of users using Power BI for their day-to-day operations;

How much does customization cost for Power BI with Skcript?

The Power BI customization cost with a Microsoft Partner like Skcript would vary depending on your requirement; the factors might include:

  1. How much data are you trying to consume for the BI tool?
  2. Are there any complexity in accessing your data?
  3. What are the various sources from which your data should be collected, cleaned and parsed for Power BI?
  4. How much data are you going to query every hour?

The timeline for customizing a Power BI dashboard would average around 45 working days from the date of signing the contract with us;

Where do I get started with Power BI for my company?

Right here. Just reach out to us, and we will have our engineers talk to you directly to understand your requirements. Once we get some clarity, we will work with you and make this process as easy as it can get to get Power BI implemented to your organization. Contact us.

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