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August Labs is a Artificial Intelligence Consultancy company. We help businesses lead change in their industry through A.I.

What we do?

Becoming agile will require a business to shift gears and work along with someone who sets an example. At August Labs, we do consultive co-sourcing, wherein we partner with your team to provide a comprehensive solution for your business. Whether it’s building a website or a mobile application, we work with you from start to finish ensuring that you get the most optimized solution that is aligned with your business goals.

At August Labs, we work with Artificial Intelligence (AI) to deliver the most accurate results. When we work with AI, we’re thinking well ahead of our time - we’re not talking the next five years, we’re talking about much more. We promise to equip your business with the best tools and growth hacks that will help your business climb the productivity scale. What we promise, we deliver.

With August Labs, lead change by making ways for new ideas and watch it transform the way the world functions.

Case Studies

The Jallikattu Protest

A closer look at how the biggest peaceful protest worked out


Our Process

At August Labs, we have a developed a three - phased AI Development Lifecycle. Firstly, we make sure that we have gathered enough background data about your product, which we then deeply analyze to find it’s problem areas, inconsistencies and bottlenecks. Once we have found the issues that need most attention, we start modelling the AI system based on our findings. Our iterative process leads us to previously undiscovered potentials and new ways to increase engagement and product value. Once these two processes are finished, we begin a validation of the AI system based on the production data, at the end of which we provide you with a market ready MVP that embodies your company’s uniqueness and inherent value proposition.

AI Process AI Process

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