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Blockchain Business Workshop

Blockchain Business Workshop is a 2 day extensive executive workshop for businesses exploring blockchain and its use-cases in your business.

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Make the right decision

This is the first step your company needs to take before you draw a plan about blockchain implementation.

120 minutes C-suite training

Our IBM Certified Engineers will help you answer some of the most critial questions about implementing blockchain for your business. What scale should it be and to understand your business problem deeper.

Blockchain Business Training

During the workshop, crucial decision makers and implementers would be trained on understanding blockchain for your specific business probelm and how best we can achieve success.

Evaluation Workshop

A deep dive into your problem, understanding the edge-cases of the problem and evaluating who, when and how should blockchain be implemented in your organiztion.

Blockchain Implementation Roadmap

Our data science team along with the marketing team will work on an implementation model for your blockchain adoption in parallel, making it easier to go to market.

Blockchain Adoption Drive

Work hand-in-hand with our sales team to know how you can bring in your supplier organizations to use your blockchain platform to improve transparency.

Real-world Analytics

During the course of the workshop, teams will make informed decision on how big of an impact can blockchain make in your current workflow, and how best to take it forward.

Need to know information about Skcript's Blockchain Business Workshop

We've seen companies run successful workshops with us, and we believe our proprietary process to help companies understand and implement the blockchain would help you as well. Here's everything you need to know about this workshop:

+How does the Blockchain Business Workshop work?

The Blockchain Business Workshop leverages our blockchain expertise and Skcript's Product Discovery Workshop (PDW) method to bring the best output for your company. This is a beautiful collaboration between the experienced blockchain consultants of Skcript and the key stakeholders of your company. The process helps you understand whether the blockchain is the right solution for your problem. If so, how can we pivot and build an application in an agile environment using the available resources.

+What can I do in the Skcript's Blockchain Business Workshop?

The Business Workshops offer a variety of opportunities for your businesses' specific needs. In the Skcript's Blockchain Business Workshop, you can:

  • Understand deeply what the blockchain technology is with examples custom created for your line of business
  • Dive deep into how the blockchain can help you cut down costs and improve your workflow (if that is your goal)
  • Set realistic roadmap for the blockchain implementation.
  • Calculate the exact cost of development of the blockchain solution with a paper prototype of the final blockchain application.
  • A "Go from Concept to Reality" plan document that is custom made for your use-case.
  • Talk to the industry experts in the blockchain technology to get your queries answered.
  • Create a realistic blueprint about the next steps for MVP implementation for your blockchain solution.
+Who is the Skcript's Blockchain Business Workshop for?

The Skcript's Blockchain Business Workshop is for the key stakeholders in your company. It could be business heads, technical architects, developers and even designers who understand your line of business in and out.

+Where does the Skcript's Blockchain Business Workshop happen?

This happens at your office premise. Once you confirm your availability and interest in running the workshop, our team of engineers will constantly be in touch with you to get things arranged.

+How much does it cost?

This varies from one company to the other. Please fill in the form below to understand the exact cost of the Skcript's Blockchain Business Workshop.

+What is the value of running this workshop?

The Skcript's Blockchain Business Workshop helps your business:

  • Get clarity on how a blockchain implementation can happen in your company.
  • How long and how much it would cost you to do the blockchain implementation
  • Accelerate the blockchain product development to take it to production.
  • Know how your business can be re-imagined with the blockchain in place.
+How do I get started?

It is very simple. Please fill in the form in this page, or write to us at Our team will write back to you personally in the next three hours to take things forward.

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