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Content Writing Intern


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At Skcript, we design, develop and launch top-notch digital products. This includes the products that we build for ourselves, the ones that we make for our customers and the ones that we build for everyone. Some are experimental, some are for a small set of people, and some are large products. Everything falls back to the unmatched quality of our products and services.

Skcript is a very young company, with less than thirty people working on products that touch millions of lives. Currently, we are building new things that are ahead of the curve. We experiment a ton of ideas, fail, learn, go back to the blank white canvas over and over again until we find the right solution.

Since 2013, we have achieved some of the things that many people spoke about for years. Today, we’re doing something big for which we would like someone to tell that to the world.

As a content writing intern, you will be working with both our internal consulting teams and product teams.

Your Responsibilities

  • Work closely with product content strategists, product specialists, and product managers to create and maintain our products’ content across a wide range of platforms.
  • Continue iterating on, testing, and optimizing blog content
  • Establish and maintain content standards for the blog
  • Draft strategies to take the products to a global audience.
  • Learn as much work as you can during this internship.
  • Create marketing strategies that will live and rule even if Thanos snaps his fingers again (somehow).
  • Be a person who wants to lie sprawled on the ground waiting for ideas to storm through.
  • Enlighten the team with your words and content. Be very prepared to hear words and grammatical terms that doesn’t exist in the multi-verse.
  • If you can read through emails, texts and paper notes and respond without hesitating, you may now step into the office right away and shoot all of us in the head and take your position immediately.


  • You will know how happy the team is, when you walk in for an interview.
  • If the job description does not motivate you, what will?
  • Perks are the last thing you should worry about.
  • You do what you’re best at, and you will get more than what you expect.

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