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iOS Developer.

You will challenge yourself to work on complex iOS applications. Learn more.

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We create products that have the power to transform the world while working with some of the most creative minds to build great products with impeccable design. At Skcript, we are aligned to the vision of our outcomes that will bring about a change in the world. And we do this by taking up some crazy large-scale ideas that will revolutionize the industry in its own way.

As an iOS developer, you will work closely with both our design and development team and you will be responsible for creating some bold, ridiculously complex systems to solve problems.

If you have prior experience working on this, it’ll definitely boost your profile! We need 'the' one who is daring enough to think big, and go after it.

As an iOS developer, we expect you to:

  • A thorough knowledge about Swift.
  • Knowledge about Third Party Library Integrations.
  • A very good understanding of iOS UI.
  • Prior Experience working on both iOS and Swift.
  • An interest in playing around with APIs and Advanced Security Practices
  • Good knowledge on JSON calls and background services.

Your responsibilities will include:

  • Working on existing projects.
  • Working with both the backend and design teams
  • Work with existing open source libraries
  • Should be willing to work from the client’s space
  • Understanding of the existing architecture.
  • Writing test cases.


  • You will know how happy the team is, when you walk in for an interview.
  • If the job description does not motivate you, what will?
  • Perks are the last thing you should worry about.
  • You do what you're best at, and you will get more than what you expect.