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Mobile Application Intern

You will have the power to create some of the most complex Mobile apps. Ever.

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Everyday, we are making something new happen. We're pushing ourselves to the extremes. We would like you to push the envelope a bit further.

We are working on some crazy large-scale ideas that will revolutionize the industry in its own way. You will be responsible for developing Mobile applications and work closely with the CTO's team and get things done.

We need 'the' one who is daring enough to think big, and go after it.

As a Mobile Application Intern, we expect:

  • You to design and implement highly scalable Mobile apps for iOS and Android
  • You to care deeply about the design of the product
  • You to care deeply and resourcefully about the infrastructure of the product
  • You to write test-cases and make sure they pass before committing to Git
  • You to have the guts to be the best.
  • You to have at least one year of Mobile experience
  • You to have a deep understanding for mobile app's infrastructure
  • You to have good knowledge in playing around with APIs and advanced security practices


  • You will know how happy the team is, when you walk in for an interview.
  • If the job description does not motivate you, what will?
  • Perks are the last thing you should worry about.
  • You do what you're best at, and you will get more than what you expect.