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Robotic Process Automation Developer


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Skcript is a multi-product company. We create some of the most unique products that people love using, and in 2019, we are looking to expand our marketing efforts to different regions and product lines. The company is at a fast growth phase right now, and we expect this path to continue in the future as well.

Our purpose is to enhance people’s lives with great quality products that are super easy to use and provides unprecedented value to the user.

This year, Skcript is investing considerable amount to build, deliver and maintain RPA implementations for our customers using industry leading tools.

If you believe that you can make a difference by pushing RPA implementations to its boundaries, apply right away.

Key Responsibilities

  • Work with our internal teams to build and improve RPA development processes.
  • Work with tools like UiPath, Automation Anywhere and Blue Prism.
  • You will be responsible for writing multiple blog posts on RPA and contributing to the community.

Key Skills

  • Experience in solving business critical problems with technology under pressure.
  • Experience with one or more RPA technologies (UiPath, Automation Anywhere, Blue Prism, HelpSystems Automate).
  • Basic knowledge in programming and logic building.
  • Knowing algorithms will be an added advantage.
  • Learn on the fly kind of attitude.
  • Know how to channel your passion to your work to product great quality deliverables.
  • Basically, make sure you are up for this gig. Because, when you are up for it, you go all-in with us.

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