Software Engineer, Frontend

Chennai, India

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At Skcript, we believe in producing products that are of excellent quality and performance. We create some of the technically advanced products with brilliant minds.

Everyone in the company is aligned with the vision of our outcomes that transform real human experiences. We do this by taking up complex, big and exciting ideas that have never been done before, build them one idea at a time.

Frontend Engineers are an essential part of Skcript’s Product Team. Frontend Engineers work closely with the designers, backend engineers, and product owners to build unique high-performance frontend technologies for our products.

We make the most of modern tools and frameworks like React, ES6, SASS, SCSS and much more. We ensure all our UIs work well on all screen sizes. We are looking for people who can build our frontend ‘infrastructure.’


  • Collaborate with User Experience Designers to iterate on the design and implementation of our products
  • Work with Backend Engineers to build features and ship experimental functionalities to our users
  • Build efficient and reusable front-end systems and abstractions across our products
  • Find, address and improve performance issues
  • Improve the standards we follow at Skcript one-day at a time
  • Identify and communicate front-end best practices across the team


  • Strong knowledge of JavaScript, SCSS
  • Experience with modern JavaScript libraries and tooling. Especially React, Vue, Next.js and Ember.js
  • Commanding grasp of HTML, CSS, and related web technologies
  • An eye for cross-browser compatibility issues and client-side performance considerations
  • Demonstrated design and UX sensibilities
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