Software Engineer, Locations - Special Initiatives

Chennai, India & Dubai, UAE

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At Skcript, we are continually investing in new ideas. One such idea is being worked on directly under the CEO’s office. In this team, you will be involved in shaping the next generation of location-based services with accuracies that are unmatched.

Everyone in the company is aligned with the vision of our outcomes that transform real human experiences. We do this by taking up complex, big and exciting ideas that have never been done before, build them one idea at a time.

As a locations engineer, you will be working with a team which designs, developers and builds complex new technologies that impacts human lifestyle.


  • Collaborate with the secret team to bring new ideas to the table
  • Find, address and improve performance issues
  • Build and improve theoretical mathematical models to improve accuracy
  • Identify and document location services best practices
  • Give a lot of damns about user privacy and go to any lengths to protect or not track user data

Key Qualifications

  • Good collaboration skills
  • Strong creative problem solving skills
  • Deep understanding of RSSI
  • Ability to quickly prototype systems and test out in a live environment
  • Strong mathematical skills
  • Strong programming skills in C, C++
  • Strong practical understanding of estimation like Kalman filter

Additional Qualifications

Though these are not required, the following could contribute to getting your table at Skcript.

  • MS or PhD in relevant location or estimation field
  • Good knowledge on GNSS, GPS, angle-of-arrival, Bayesian estimation and Kalman filters
  • Good understanding of the pros and cons of Bluetooth and BLE
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