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08 June 2017 / by Praveen Juge

It’s been a while since we made our site a Progressive Web App - it was initially going to be just a fun, learning experience but soon we began seeing super fast speeds and a steady increase in the user interaction. So we dug a little deeper into the world of PWA’s to understand it’s working and also worked on how to develop it even further.

Now, we’ve made a case study based on all our analytics - which we learnt about post making our site a PWA. We were inspired by the various case studies that were made by Google on their PWA’s and we thought that we should do it too!

This document consists of analytics that support the conclusion that PWA’s are a worthy investment indeed. We believe that Progressive Web Apps are the future for mobile web. You can learn more about them here - and if you want to know more about how we actually made our site a PWA and “offline first” click here