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What is Skcript FWD?

A high-impact co-creation group at Skcript.

Skcript FWD is a high-impact co-creation group at Skcript. Skcript FWD engages with various teams, partners and businesses of any size to solve a critical business problem that could quickly scale as the company grows.

Skcript FWD to extremely focused to innovating fast and build a MVP to showcase that the solution could work. This has been the birthplace of many complex business solutions we have delivered to our clients across the globe, scaling across different industry verticals.

The group follows a very unique methodology that enables cross-functional teams to come together to solve a critical business problem. The solutions are built without any technological bias, which makes the solution robust, and scale vertically and horizontally as and when needed.

Skcript FWD has worked with companies like BOSCH, IBM, Intel and many other startups to bring ideas to life.

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