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Automating Inventory management with RPA

The manual inventory management system can put huge pressure on people throughout the process. This article explains how RPA with Data Analytics automatically supervises the workflow in the purchase …

PDW’s are so important that we created a compressed version for the busy bees

To all the busy CXOs and teams, here is a version of the PDW that is compressed but with the full impact.

Recruitment Automation: The Next Big Thing in RPA

RPA now helps Human resources with the crucial recruitment process making it faster and accurate. HRs here is a step by step guide on how to automate the recruitment process.

Benchmarking UiPath Performance with Text Parsing and Transformation

In this article, we will look at how uipath performs on different scenarios and environments with text parsing. So without further delay let’s benchmark the performance of UiPath automation.

Product planning cycle and the role of product managers through it!

Product managers and products go hand-in-hand. The cycle of the product and how the manager is involved in each phase is what we are reading below. This is a duo read on the product and product …

The pitfalls that makes great strategies go bad

A good strategy is about consciously choosing a particular set of activities to deliver a unique set of value to the customers. Learn more.

Factors to evaluate if RPA can be implemented in a business process

Let's walk through the major factors to be considered and analyzed when starting a new RPA project.

RPA process that you should adapt for all your RPA projects

Our vast experience with RPA has helped us put together the following process and the protocols to be followed when starting out a new RPA Project. Learn More.

Quick guide on requirement gathering phase in an RPA project

RPA projects have a pattern and here is a curated set of questions that can be asked for every RPA project. You are almost set to rock and roll on the project if you have got answers to some of these …

RPA Process Analysis Workshop

We have done a few Process Analysis for RPA in our time, let us guide you through the process of doing an RPA Process Workshop on your own.

What is TCA in RPA and the importance of RPA CoE

What is the total cost of automation, how to calculate TCA and how to establish an RPA Center of Excellence. Know more about how Skcript can help you with that.

How banks can 10x their customer experience with RPA within a few months.

We recently completed a large-scale RPA implementation for a major bank, and here's what we learned from it. How banks can utilize RPA to see ROI within a few months. Learn more.

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