Why, how and when our Book Summary Sessions happen?

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Why, how and when our Book Summary Sessions happen?

We recently started a new activity at Skcript called the Book Summary Sessions. And yes, the title sums everything up, and here is some information that might help you out as well:

What are Book Summary Sessions#

It is a small club inside Skcript where summaries of books are read out every fortnight, to the ones who are interested. It is as simple as that.

How does Book Summary Sessions work?#

The format is very simple:

  1. There is only one speaker.
  2. Session duration is 20 minutes.
  3. Notes/summaries of the book to be shared post the session.
  4. Happens every fortnight.
  5. Genre must be Productivity, Work-life balance or biographies.

Why we started Book Summary Sessions#

We started this for simple yet powerful reasons:

  1. Books are exercise for your brain.
  2. Greatness is in the way you work.
  3. Books open up your brain to think of more possibilities for a problem.
  4. They simply calm you down.
  5. Some people are avid readers of many productivity books and practitioners as well.
  6. People can (and logically should be) inspired by people around them. These sessions improve peer relationships, responsibility and trust.
  7. Book Summary Sessions are 20 pure minutes of knowledge shots to your brain.

As of writing this post, we’ve gone completely remote across locations. If you wish to join our next Book Summary Session, Tweet us at @SkcriptHQ, and we will get you in.

P.S.: This post, was written in 20 minutes, with content type just like the Book Summary Sessions.

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