Skcript announces expansion to European market with a key hire.

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Skcript announces expansion to European market with a key hire.


Hamburg, Germany — Skcript today announced the expansion of its operations to the European market with a critical hire and a virtual office at Hamburg, Germany.

Following the customer growth in the region, Skcript is focusing on bringing local support to customers who are in Europe, with a team that would be directly reporting to the CEO.

”It is so humbling to see Skcript expand into Europe. This expansion will open a whole new set of opportunities for us to work with more global clients to help them solve complex business problems.”, said Karthik Kamalakannan, Skcript’s CEO. “We believe deeply in the power of innovation, and we are focusing our efforts in areas where Skcript can have a direct impact on our client’s businesses. We believe that Europe is a perfect market for us to expand into that aligns with our core goals of privacy, protecting user data, and so much more.”

Growing Skcript’s EU Operations#

To date, Skcript has attracted companies ranging from a one-person startup to Fortune 500 companies around the world to take advantage of the speed and quality of operations that Skcript’s Services offers.

Skcript’s unique way of working, combined with a young team of talented individuals, has helped customers gain their ROI at record-breaking rates. The new investment in Europe would help Skcript develop IPs for customers with bleeding-edge technologies like artificial intelligence, blockchain, robotic process automation (RPA), and more.

In 36 months, Skcript plans to invest more in creating jobs for people with passion and drive to develop unique technology solutions, and to help clients be technology forward to stay competitive.

About Skcript#

Skcript helps businesses around the world be technology forward by creating first-of-its-kind solutions. Started in 2013, the company has its presence in three locations. It is expanding to more regions to provide local support to help more customers use technology the right way to solve a business problem.

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