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Looking for the best resume parser? Meet Precis.

Do you want to use something that's a decade old or move on to the current generation enterprise grade resume parser?

How is Precis different?
  • Powered by UnderstandEngine, Machine Learning and Computer Vision
  • Processes 15 major resume attributes, and 10 sub-attributes
  • Performs natural language search by skills, ethnicity, work experience and education
  • Identify similar applicants and segregate into salary categories
  • Sync resumes from desktop, email, folder or web based storage systems
  • Parses 16000 resumes/hour
  • Automatically sync data into your database, Salesforce, SugarCRM, or ERP
  • Handles PDF, DOC, Tex, HTML, MD, Text
  • Customize filters, attributes and keywords to be parsed
  • HTTPS API (Authorized) with JSON and XML response
  • Integration with major DB systems (MySQL, Mongo, Postgresql, Oracle RDBMS and more)
  • Plugins to parse resumes online directly or from emails
  • Ability to define output resume style, with header, footer and watermarks
  • Custom defined save location
  • 60 minute integration in your company
  • Available as both self-hosted and cloud-based solution with whitelabling option
Let's get it started.