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Frontline IQ

Paperwork? No more.

Frontline IQ

No more paper work!

Something that many of us want in real life is now actually possible. Frontline IQ is here to make sales people go paperless.

Here’s how we made Frontline IQ special.

Frontline IQ

Track your team

Our dashboards are backed up with new data. Track all the activities happening under your domain and team with our charts. You can view the past and present analytics as well.

The charts are faster than we are. So data updates happen in a jiffy!

Frontline IQ

Customers all over the world? It’s all in one place now.

Sales people can now spot customers easily with our maps. Yes, we provide live updates.

If you are in the vicinity let your managers know that you met with the customer, without making calls or sending emails, just with the click of a button.

Frontline IQ

Want to conduct a survey?
Now, you can. Super fast.

With FrontlineIQ Forms, taking surveys will be as easy as playing a fun little game!

Frontline IQ

Don’t be scared of surveys anymore!

We have helped Atuza make surveys easy peasy chucky cheesy!

Forms are accessible in your device now and as you fill out forms, the managers get an update.

There is no need for a meeting, share forms from where you are and access them from anywhere you are.

Sync your data anywhere, anytime…

Sync your data in seconds. Even if your customer base is the size of a small country like Greenland!

No connectivity? No problem!

With our top notch engineering team, check-in to customers, take orders and view order history, view notes, conduct surveys without an internet connection. Literally.

Frontline IQ

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