Redbook by Skcript

Redbook is the handbook for anyone working with Skcript. This is the open secret to building great products at Skcript for our customers across the world.

Skcript is in the business of long-term thinking. This means, many things needs to be carefully done that are beyond the scope of our lifespan. This could only happen if the culture, ethics and the belief within the company is strong, and can be passed on to generations in the future. What started out as a small product company in Chennai, is now a global company with people of Skcript helping customers think and develop their future with technology.

Redbook is the handbook that we use internally to develop, iterate and follow the guidelines or principles at Skcript. As we grow, passing on these deep values becomes challenging. We believe that people need something in their hand, physically to connect with it, and we now give this Redbook whenever a new person joins Skcript.

The original version of Redbook was developed back in 2014, which was then open sourced for other companies to use. It worked out pretty good. But then, as we started developing products and services that are highly sensitive, we had to close doors on some of them, and develop something new. For a company that talks a lot about quality, clarity and great programming, it was important for us to open this up to everyone.

If you are a Skcripter, sit back, relax and read through the entire Redbook for you to understand how Skcript works. If you are about to be a Skcripter, sit back, relax and read through the Redbook to know what you could be doing when at Skcript. If you are customer, you get to learn how we work. If you are an investor, we are currently bootstrapped.

Chapter 1: About Skcript
Chapter 2: Our True North
Chapter 3: Making Decisions
Chapter 4: How We Hire
Chapter 5: Our Work
Chapter 6: Our Toolchain
Chapter 7: Our Rituals
Chapter 8: Skcript Code of Conduct

Our goal is to build products & services at Skcript that run beyond our lifespan. Everything we have done, everything we do, and everything we are looking up to, aligns to that goal.

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