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Our customers pay us to make the right choice for them and build something great that can scale for the enterprise.

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Today, it is no more about creating one single app for one platform and taking about 12 months to go from prototype to production. We live in a whole were speed defines success.

With technologies like Internet of Things coming up, the need to build your enterprise application to scale to almost all the platforms are on the rise, all at once. We help you deliver just that.

Technology is at the core of what we do at Skcript. We provide quick, scalable and the best-in-class enterprise quality mobile applications for our customers.

From Rapid Prototyping to Scalable Delivery

You never know when your product idea could work, until you actually try it out in the market. Skcript Enterprise Mobile Application Services helps you build rapid prototypes (a.k.a. Minimum Viable Product) with the best of quality and at a cost that does not burn your pocket.

Our teams work together everyday to build, iterate and optimize our process, development components and much more that enables us to deliver the best enterprise apps for our customers.

Why Skcript? When I can go with Accenture, IBM or anyone else?

Speed, Quality & Individual Attention. These are the thee things we focus on what clearly sets up apart and our customers are the example of our work. These are somethings large corporations cannot provide at a cost you are looking for.

We are a company focused on end-to-end customer experience. Right from the time we setup a meeting with you to the time we deliver and maintain the project, working with us is a unique experience.


Our engineers make sure that the apps are built and tested specifically for a mobile-first generation. To make this happen, we have refined our process to be extremely efficient over the past few years. The end result of the process is to deliver extremely high quality app that meets the business objectives of our customers having the cost under control.


Skcript's Enterprise Team's Consultants help you think "mobile first", rather than thinking about porting your existing web based application into a mobile app. This helps you scale your application faster as you move.


Meeting the customers and making them feel inclusive and transparent during our development is crucial for us. This allows a free-flow of feedback mechanism between us and our customers, improving the time it takes for us to deliver the project significantly. For example, we helped one of our American customers to come up with a working prototype in just 10 days straight. This helped them win a huge deal from their buyers.

We focus on three things to build Enterprise Mobile Apps; Quality, Scalability & Performance.

- Karthik K, CEO

Working with the world's best

Over the course of years, we've partnered with some of the best companies on planet Earth to make fantasies possible.

Google Microsoft Amazon SAP Labs India

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Our work transforms the way things operate in the industry. We do that by delivering measurable values to our customers by some of the best people in the world.

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