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Frequently Asked Questions.

Data Compression is the guaranteed way to a healthy and happy storage landscape. SHRINK gets it right. Instantly.

  1. Does SHRINK come pre-installed with a server?

    Yes. This is our recommended way of deploying SHRINK in your organization other than the Class-D and Class-P modal. Class-A comes with SHRINK pre-installed and optimized for maximum performance for your data.

  2. Is SHRINK on-premise?

    Yes. SHRINK is 100% on-premise and works without an active Internet connection. It's 100% safe to deploy in your own data-centers on your own server. There's also a cloud based service which will be available on request.

  3. Is SHRINK available on cloud?

    Yes. SHRINK's APIs will be available on cloud for you to use as our customer. But, go-live time might be much longer than the usual on-premise go-live time. Our engineers will get in touch with you once we understand your existing storage landscape.

  4. How much disk space can I save if my file types are mostly media files?

    SHRINK is a compression engine designed to save your disk-space. The amount of disk space that you can save varies from organization to organization. But for a typical company, that handles a lot of PDFs, Images and Video content, the disk saving and cost cutting can go all the way up to 70%*.

    * We provide a validation tool, which will give you a small preview of the amount of data you can save with SHRINK, before you go live.

  5. Is SHRINK's compression lossless?

    SHRINK is 99.9% lossless. Which makes it one of the most robust compression solution for your organization. SHRINK has been stress tested with over 4 PB of data during its development time, and our experienced testing team takes no chances when it comes to quality loss.

  6. What technology does SHRINK use to choose the best compression method for my data?

    We specialize in Machine Learning. SHRINK uses a one-of-the-kind Machine Learning methods to arrive at the best compression algorithm for your data. The Machine Learns about your landscape and molds itself accordingly.

  7. Do you preserve file's metadata?

    Yes. SHRINK preserves all of your files' metadata and is visible via the Web Portal. Also, you have the ability to download the metadata separately if required for each and every file. SHRINK also comes with an API for accessing metadata via 3rd-party applications.

  8. What is the latency when retrieving compressed data?

    Compression involves doing more than a regular file handling mechanism. It also involves handling a lot of CPU power. The actual impact of compression will directly depend on the type and the size of data being compressed. These two factors will define the load of the system.

    Having said that, we use Machine Learning to arrive at the shortest latency for decompressing your data, allowing us to get your data back to its original state at the earliest.

    Customers can benefit from our compression especially in the second stage of your storage, like Backup and Archival. Since our compression can be optimized to work with De-dupe techniques, the results are very positive.

  9. Is SHRINK compatible with my existing storage infrastructure?

    We have designed SHRINK to be universal. And we have tested it out with popular storage providers like NetApp®, EMC® and PureStorage®. If you are able to mount a storage onto a Linux machine, then SHRINK should work effortlessly.

    At any point, if you need some more clarification, please drop us an email at Our engineers will be right there with you to help you out.

  10. How can I test SHRINK in my organization?

    There's a very light version of SHRINK called SHRINK Light. This comes with very basic hardware with a very small form factor. You can install this in your organization and try out SHRINK for 15-days.

    Throughout the process, an engineer who actually developed SHRINK will be available with you to answer any of your queries on-line. You will be able to test data compression up-to 30GB, after which you will need an extended trial license to test.

  11. How long does it take to deploy SHRINK and go live in my organization?

    The go-live time for SHRINK in your organization depends on the modal you choose for SHRINK. Usually for Class-A Servers, which comes pre-installed with SHRINK, takes less than 3 hours to setup, run tests, and go-live.