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All the file formats. One server.

There are thousands of file formats a computer can handle. With SHRINK, we've covered it all.

FormatFormat NameCategoryCompression
pdfPortable Document FormatDocumentYes
pstMicrosoft Outlook email communicationArchiveYes
ostMicrosoft Outlook email communicationArchiveYes
aacMPEG-2 Advanced Audio Coding FileAudioYes
aifAudio Interchange File FormatAudioYes
flacFree Lossless Audio Codec FileAudioYes
gsmGlobal System for Mobile Audio FileAudioYes
karKaraoke filesAudioYes
m4aMPEG-4 Audio LayerAudioYes
m4piTunes Music Store Audio FileAudioYes
m4riPhone Ringtone FileAudioYes
midMusical Instrument Digital Interface MIDI-sequention SoundAudioYes
midiMIDI filesAudioYes
mmfSynthetic Music Mobile Application FileAudioYes
mp2MPEG Layer II Compressed Audio FileAudioYes
mp3MPEG Layer 3 AudioAudioYes

If there are some files formats that is not listed, please reach out to us to check if we can support compression. Thousands of file formats are being research currently.