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Skcript / LAB

Skcript’s new interdisciplinary research lab, our very own center of innovation, that lets us innovate using design and technology. We are going to be working closely to create and make products that pave way for the future. Things that excite us are just too widespread and this is the perfect space to channelize our energy.
Time to slap it at S/LAB.
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What we are working on right now

Messenger Bot

A Smart bot for Facebook

Automate Responses for our facebook messenger to give quick and sensible responses without human intervention. Coming Soon!


Skcript TV Dashboard

A dashboard for Skcript TV with metrics to keep the team motivated. Coming Soon!


A paper on office space and productivity.

A research that speaks about various factors in an office and how it influences the productivity.


We are the User’s Advocate.

S/LAB's new Experience Design Center is up and running. It is on its way to make user experience better thatn ever before.