Staff Picks of 2019

Making choices...

Everyday, you do two things. Saying yes to everything or saying yes to a few things.

How we made our website offline first

This is how we made our website offline first and also into a Progressive web app.

The Novices’ Guide to Front-end Development in 2017

For anyone just starting out with Front-end Development this is your eye candy - we tell you all the tools you’ll need to be a forerunner in Front-end.

10 security measures you need to implement in your app NOW

Hacking in any amount isn’t too much of a good thing. That’s why it’s important to protect your data as and when you can. Here are the top 10 ways in which you can beef up the security of your app.

3 days with iOS - the Android user’s perspective

The title is very evident, but it’s always difficult to convince an Android fanatic to use iOS on an iPhone. Adding more fuel to the Android vs iOS debate, we got our Mobile Application Developer to …

Leadership starts within and goes beyond everyone…

Having a one-on-one with your boss can result in many things. Mine resulted in pushing me to write a blog post on what being a leader is!

December @Skcript

December is the decider on this side of the world, mostly because the city that we’re headquartered in takes in a lot of brunt during this month. But December is also the month of celebrations and new …

What data should I store on blockchain?

Not everything goes into your blockchain. Choose what data you should be storing into your blockchain network carefully. Here is a quick way to understand what to put in the blockchain.

How to teach Neural Networks to detect everyday sounds

How to build a Sound Classifier from scratch using Neural Networks. Recognizing day-to-day sounds using Artificial Intelligence. Learn more.

Flutter or React Native: A comparative study

Facebook’s React Native has existed without any competition for a few years, until Google came out with Flutter. Will Flutter give a tough fight for React Native? Let’s explore!

5 Tips to use DialogFlow the right way

This article covers 5 simple yet essential tips to save your time from making the beginner’s mistakes in Dialogflow

How to create a Simple Physics Engine - Part 1

We use physics, we see physics in action, we experience physics in everything we do in our day-to-day life. How do you add physics to your code and make your code also experience nature’s forces? …

Dockerize a Rails App with MySQL and Sidekiq

Docker Compose offers a seamless way to build containers and orchestrate their dependencies, and helps lower the learning curve to build Dockerized apps. In this article you will learn how to …

Guide Building a Design Language System - Part 1 #DLS

Working in the design industry for the past few years, I have learnt to work with different departments towards the same goal. A complete fully functional product that is easy on the eye and provides …

Game of Thrones Ratings: A Case Study

The Game of Thrones series has been a part of our lives for 10 years now and they recently lowered the curtains on Season 8. Everyone had an opinion from who should’ve killed whom to who should’ve sat …

Rust is Simply Awesome #RustWorthy Part 1

In this first article of a series, sathish talks about what he thinks about Rust programming language and what you can do with it.

Influence AI has in Insurance industry in 2020

The value and the change artificial intelligence can bring to the insurance industry is huge. Let us help you analyze, implement and create an impact for insurance using AI. Learn more.

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