Getting your Dataset ready for Machine Learning

Have a large dataset in your attic and don't know how to use it for Machine Learning? Well, let us show you the way.

5 Tips to use DialogFlow the right way

This article covers 5 simple yet essential tips to save your time from making the beginner’s mistakes in Dialogflow

How to teach Neural Networks to detect everyday sounds

How to build a Sound Classifier from scratch using Neural Networks. Recognizing day-to-day sounds using Artificial Intelligence. Learn more.

Realtime Object and Face Detection in Android using Tensorflow Object Detection …

Computer Science has seen many advancements as the years go by. One such advancement is AI and in AI, Image Recognition is making waves. In keeping up with this tech, our AI team worked on a small …

Why every TensorFlow developer should know about TFRecord!

Why waste time on maintaining your datasets and its respective labels on different files and why read it at different times, when you can do it in one place! This native file format used in Tensorflow …

Using Artificial Intelligence to improve claims processing

AI is helping insurers get more done with better accuracy like never before. Here are some statistics and strategy for implementing AI for your insurance business.

Here’s a very crucial thing people who build AI know, but you don’t

The $39 billion market is something huge. But companies are mising to see a huge component when they are calculating the budget to implement a AI solution.

You need these three user roles before implementing Blockchain for your business

One of the important things to consider before starting a blockchain project is to set the teams right. Here's a look at how you can form Blockchain Strategy Group.

Using AI to detect Facial Landmarks for improved accuracy

Ever since ComputerVision study became a buzzword, people have been trying hard to get the maximum accuracy in recognizing human faces. In that journey towards finding higher accuracy, the computer …

Apache Spark - Which language to pick?

Every language has it’s own pros and cons. Zeroing down on one single language to use with Spark depends on your own project needs. Pretty straightforward, right?

I was bored and I made a bot

Cryptocurrency happens to be the ‘it’ thing now. Join our AI Developer as he tells you how he made bot to kill boredom.

Writing CNN from Scratch

Our AI Developer tells you how to get started with Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN) and get beginners’ view on the topic

Train your Deep Learning models on the Cloud

Here’s a quick fix solution for training your Deep Learning models on the Cloud - with a few tweaks, train the model to work your way!

Deep Learning 101: How we design a Deep Learning Solution

Designing Deep Learning solutions for our customers have been super crazy. Here’s a look at the process, expertise and stories from our AI room.

Leveraging on transfer learning for image classification using Keras

Supercharge your image classification tasks by integrating large pre-trained deep learning models with very little effort.

Tensorflow Resources everyone should know

We curated the best Tensorflow resources every developer should bookmark today.

A.I. Series Part 1 - Normalizing Data

Our CTO and A.I. Engineer explain how they normalized data for UnderstandEngines A.I. Brain.

Building your own recommendation engine

A in-depth tutorial on how you can build your own Recommendation Engine in-house for your product/service. Learn more.

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