Project Management: Part 1

Projects face a lot of roadblocks, changes, and issues during development. This can be controlled and managed better by introducing project management techniques. In this blog, we will be discussing …

Why we don't send holiday wishes to our customers

Here's what we do that's something more than just sending a holiday wish email to our customers.

I run a technology company, and I moved to Pen and Paper

How a move to tracking tasks on Pen and Paper changed my life in a way I never thought it would. Learn more about how I use Pen and Paper to manage my task every two hours.

How to keep your Instagram active?

There are so many social platforms to promote a brand or a company. Instagram is a well known social platform and here is a blog on how Instagram can be used to promote a tech brand.

Ever wondered how a Blockchain pre-sales meeting looks like?

Blockchain has been the talk-of-the town for quite some time and not surprisingly a large number of people want a Blockchain powered solution to be implemented in their organization. Our program …

What-not-to-do before a meeting

There are a ton of things you should do before a meeting. But there are few things, that we tend to miss before a meeting which in-turn may lead to bad impression. Risking in meetings might reflect …

Blockchain use-cases for Aviation Industry in 2018

Blockchain technology is picking up really fast with aviation companies like Luftansa and the use-cases are consistently expanding as we speak. Here’s a quick list of three major use-cases of …

Quick Guide To Writing Emails

Writing emails is something that has been taught to us in high school, yet, most of us don’t seem to get the hang of it. Probably because the formats used in school are of no use in the real world. …

Five ways blockchain is transforming your industry

Industry leaders are consistently exploring different varieties of answers for this question to see if blockchain can have a significant benefit for their business by improving transparency, security, …

Confessions of a Marketer

It’s time you knew how a marketer’s day goes by (since it’s slightly less talked about). Leaving aside SEO and word of mouth, the lesser known contributors to website traffic have an eventful schedule …

Announcing Allt for iOS. But there's a catch.

Today, Allt is being used by hundreds of people across the globe to organize their work. The mobile app aims to compliment the web platform. Here's everything you should know about Allt for iOS and …

Must have Management tools

Everyday essential tools or tools to save your time - there are tons and tons of blogs on what tools to use and the best of all of them. I decided to write one too, given that my everyday tool list is …

What should go into your meeting agenda?

Every meeting has to be precise and to the point. A meeting that does not end with action point is not a meeting at all. They're just people talking. Learn more.

How to choose a blockchain framework for your business

As a business person, you should consider these factors before choosing a blockchain framework for your enterprise blockchain implementation. Learn more.

6 Blockchain frameworks to build Enterprise Blockchain & how to choose them?

Let us help you list some of the open frameworks for blockchain (both public and private blockchain frameworks), that can help you develop your Enterprise Blockchain solution faster and better. Learn …

The definitive checklist for a Product Launch

It’s during a product launch that your audience gets the first glimpse into your product. The launch stage is a scary place to be in, but the nerves that build up right before the launch is probably …

What is not blockchain. Everything you need to know.

Blockchain Technology is touted to be the game changer in 2018. But there are some misconceptions when it comes to understanding the technology for enterprise blockchain implementations.

Why these industries should implement Blockchain technology today!

Blockchain for these industries are going to define the future. You need to move fast and take advantage of the blockchain technology to stay ahead of your competition. Learn more.

Leadership starts within and goes beyond everyone…

Having a one-on-one with your boss can result in many things. Mine resulted in pushing me to write a blog post on what being a leader is!

The Bot Project

We build bots. Did you know that? This is just an inventory of facts that we made before we got into making bots for people. Find out how the Bot Project is handled at Skcript, and learn a thing or …

Three questions every CEO should answer before implementing Blockchain

83% of the C-suite executives believe that trust propels their business. Blockchain is all about creating trust among users. If you are a CEO looking to implement a blockchain solution for your …

Five use cases of Artificial Intelligence for the next decade

The market value of Artificial Intelligence is expected to reach $39 billion by the year 2025. Here are some of the use cases and industries that will be a part of this huge revolutoin. And how …

10 security measures you need to implement in your app NOW

Hacking in any amount isn’t too much of a good thing. That’s why it’s important to protect your data as and when you can. Here are the top 10 ways in which you can beef up the security of your app.

AI’s ROI grows with time. You just don’t realize that yet. Let’s call it ROA.

Artificial Intelligence is at the center of today's innovation. Thanks to the disruptive capabilities powered by scalable machines. Here is a quick guide to calculate the return on investment on …

How to make sure your AI initiative succeeds in your company

You need to know these strategies and answers to these questions before your Artificial Intelligence strategy succeeds in your organization. Learn more.

Is your business ready for AI adoption?

AI is more than just a buzz word now, it’s here to take businesses and the world by storm. How powerful is AI when put in practice, how can it fast track businesses and should businesses consider AI? …

Tailoring a Product Marketing Campaign

In Part 2 of the Product Marketing Series, find out about the essentials that you’ll need to draft the perfect Product Marketing Campaign, how to go about the Launch and the other little pointers to …

What you need to understand about blockchain as a CEO

If you are CEO, you need to know this about blockchain for your business. Some of this might be hard truth, but then, it is important. Learn more.

A program manager’s approach to design

While designing, we’re all looking for that wow, X-factor - but it’s tough to chance upon in the very first go. Our Project Manager unravels all the steps to follow that will ultimately lead you to …

How blockchain can help with provenance? And what you should do about it?

Blockchain is disrupting industries today. Our experts say that the growth is exponential and here's how blockchain is disrupting provenance of any material. End-to-end.

Banking as we know it, will be long gone before year 2037

Blockchain is disrupting the banking industry so much that the industry might be dead by the year 2037. Here's how we believe the transition will happen. Learn more.

Swaathi Kakarla to be on the panel at GES 2017 in Chennai

Join Swaathi as she talks about her journey and empower women to take bold decisions. Learn more.

The myth behind Product Marketing

There’s been a ton of myths said and heard about this - now let’s see if the conventional psychology behind these two terms is true.

What makes Blockchain beneficial over other technologies?

Let us walk you through why Blockchain is better than other technologies in the industry. Learn how you can implement Blockchain and speed up your business growth.

The brutally honest question every CEO must answer.

Every CEO must answer this one honest question before stepping into a new idea for the company. She or he just can't escape.

Spotlight - Sameer Narkar

Last week we met up with Mr. Sameer, a good friend to the Skcript family and also someone to whom we look upto. Here, Sameer talks about his early journey into the startup world and gives us a peek …

Products that run Skcript

Products drive and accelerate the company. Without the right tools, a company can feel incapacitated - we’re here to help you rectify that. Equip yourself with the right tools and run a business that …

The key to building a great brand - Keep it simple, silly!

Good brands don’t just happen, they’re made to happen. It takes time, effort, love and trust to make a brand what it is. Here, let’s try and decode what it takes to establish a successful brand.

You are the master of your tool!

When a project comes along, there’s too much information that flows in. Our Program Manager tells you why it’s important to use a product management tool to keep this information intact.

Things that could kill your outsourced IT Project

If you are a customer to a consulting company, you need to let go of these practices to make sure that you get the best product out.

The other side of empowerment

Building a great team of people who are empowered to do what they think is right in the company is crucial. Here's how Skcript provides an unusual way of empowerment.

Give your startup the online presence it deserves

Having a strong online presence is a must for every startup. We tell you where to focus, what to bank on to give your startup the voice it needs.

The Post-it Experiment

How I went from 100 Post-its to organizing my entire life digitally.

Getting started with Product Research [101]

These are the five steps that any Program Manager should follow to do Product Research.

Why you should run a Product Review Workshop at your company.

Your product needs a product review workshop at your company at regular intervals.

Important Leadership Principles at Skcript

From quality to keeping people happy, everything a leader should respect at Skcript.

Have you tried UnderstandBetter’s new feature yet?

We're introducing a brand new one-on-one on UnderstandBetter. A feature that our customers wanted so bad.

August Labs to help enterprises work at the speed of startups 🎉

Skcript launches August Labs to help enterprises run more like startups. Move fast and build things.

5 companies from Chennai that we think are changing the game

Get to know Klenty, PickYourTrail, Fizz and many other companies who're the best at what they do.

How to run a Product Discovery Workshop at your company

Here is how you should run your Product Discovery Workshop at your company and get your idea off the ground in 5 days.

Making choices...

Everyday, you do two things. Saying yes to everything or saying yes to a few things.

Skcript - All Bright And Shiny!

Learn how the entire company came together to build the new site.

Make continuous feedback a part of your company’s culture

Use simple tools to make continuous feedback easy.

Introducing Understand Better!

A powerful platform to let your people talk to you, the way they should.

Too many people are talking

Our CEO talks about the problems in the way we look at Slack as an email replacement.

Here is what I learnt running a bootstrapped business

Here's what you should really know if you are running a bootstrapped business.

Say hello to Allt Beta

Allt beta launches to the public with over 2,000 customers. We're super thrilled about it.

Don’t run behind customers, run behind your product

Learn why you should focus on your product rather than your customers first.

These are the only six tools you need to run your company

Our CEO briefs you about the six tools you need to run your company easily.

Follow these steps to run a more secure business

Running a secure business is as important as your teams happiness.

Enterprise Storage Problems #1: Increased Management Complexity & Decreasing …

Handling the reduces budgets and improved management.

It’s 2016. Don’t expand your storage clusters. Reuse them. Here’s how.

It’s 2016. Don’t expand your storage clusters. Reuse them. Here’s how.

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