Guide Building a Design Language System - Part 1 #DLS

Working in the design industry for the past few years, I have learnt to work with different departments towards the same goal. A complete fully functional product that is easy on the eye and provides …

Designing a new app? Do this first!

Building an app can never fall out of trend but to attract users to your app, you need efficient design. Our designer talks about what to remember before designing an app with some crazy examples.

Gamification in Design - The Last Part

In the last part of this series, we will look into the last two core drives of the Octalysis framework which can be applied to gamify your app!

Gamification in Design - Part Three

In the part 3 of this series, we will look into 2 more core drives of the Octalysis framework which can be applied to gamify your app.

Gamification in Design - Part Two

In the part 2 of this series, we will look into 2 more core drives of the Octalysis framework which can be applied to gamify your app!

Gamification in Design - Part One

We all love games - Super Mario, being the all time favorite for the most of us. What we didn't know was the game mechanics of the games which can be applied to design digital applications. It’s time …

Participants at Usability Tests

Our designer writes about common personalities of participants that you might come across in usability tests. This is not an exhaustive list but I am sure it will come in handy.

Learning Design from the Real World

You’re in for a really eccentric journey into the mind of our designer. P.S - He wasn’t high on anything ‘illegal’.

Peanut - An EDC Case Study

Our first project in the Experience Design Center @ S/LAB is complete. This is a detailed case study of Peanut, a project management tool.

Introducing Experience Design Center: Here’s everything you should know about it

S/LAB’s new Experience Design Center is up and running and is on its way to making user experience better than ever before. This article explains what they do and how they do it. Its going to be …

GBUX - Make bad user experiences good and good user experiences better

Everyday, everything you touch and use is designed by someone. Some are good, some are bad but still they work. In our daily life we carry out a lot of tasks with these things, how many of them are …

Designing Chatbots: 5 things to keep in mind

We have heard a lot about building a chatbot, and the tech used to build one. And, here’s our designer explaining how he designed a chatbot. He goes on to share some key points that all the designers …

Why are we hooked to social media?

Do you call yourself a Facebook addict? Are you hooked to your Instagram scrolling through pointless feed? Our designer read an amazing book by Nir Eyal and went on a spree noticing such addictive …

Skcript Announces S/LAB - A nested Startup Within Skcript

S/LAB, a new nested startup inside Skcript that aims to explore the possibility of technologies like never before launches today. Learn more.

Designing Human Behaviors: Part Two

Our head of design liked the response he received for his blog, Designing human behaviours. So here he is with the second part.

A Design Language System Example Part 3 #DLS

This is the third part in the Design Language System. In this series we analyze how companies like Atlassian, Polaris and many other companies maintain their design language system. Learn more.

Designing Human Behaviors: Part One

Humans are intellectual beings. The way we see and perceive things, shapes our thought process. Drawing parallels from Cognitive Science and Human Behavior, learn more from our designer.

Benefits of a Design Language System Part 2 #DLS

In the last DLS post we saw how we can build a Design Language System. Now lets see what benefits it brings along.

Sketch Plugins you cannot live without

Sketch. Enough said. You may hate it for the recent onslaught of bugs it’s riddled with but you cannot live without it. Here’s a list of Sketch plugins that I use quite frequently and I think you …

The perfect Design Handoff workflow for Small Businesses

Whatever the digital product, design matters. And design by extension goes onto User Interface and User Experience. Yet, how do we bring these experiences to life? By developing them of course and …

Designing for Goldfish

Is the title making you curious? Well, it should! While we’re designing for ourselves, how often have we thought about designing for others? Just like design is universal, users are too. Here’s how we …

The ultimate inspiration hack for designers

Inspirations can be drawn from many places, in many different ways, forms and situations. Having enough inspiration supply is important, especially in a constantly evolving field like design. How do …

How modern mobile apps influence the human behavior

Mobile apps somehow find a way into our everyday lives - right from the morning alarm to options for eating out, mobile apps always have an seem to have an answer. Do mobile apps change our behavior? …

Blockchain’s User Experience

Blockchain is almost everywhere now, the buzz is making the world take notice of this powerful tech. But Blockchain isn’t just about the tech, it’s also about how design and a user’s experience makes …

Land the perfect landing page.

Landing pages are designed for a whole lot of purposes - they could be to attract clients, close deals or can even be a form of inspiration. But a perfect landing page does all this and more, why …

The empty state design mantra?

When a web page doesn’t load on Chrome, don’t you meet Steve the dinosaur trying to jump over trees? It’s fun to see something refreshing when a page doesn’t load - our UX Engineer explains why it’s …

11 things I learned as Designer in 11 months

The trials and triumphs of a self-taught designer. This might even be your story too - why don’t you read and find out.

Design should start from the top of the company

As a leader in your company, your willingness to invest in good design affects your company in a larger way than you think. It's just so important.

Rethinking a TV Remote for Senior Citizens ~ Skcript Research

We’ve been reading and reading. Here are some of our jottings on designing a TV remote for the elderly (aged 60 and above).

The Big ‘D’s - Design and Development

It’s almost always a battle of ideas when a designer and developer talk - but how do we ensure that there’s next to no blood shed at the end of this battle? We listen, process and then brainstorm of …

Are you a Designer? How building racing drones made me a better designer.

If you’re a designer, I strongly recommend that you find yourself a hobby that you like as it’ll help you improve your design skills as well.

Being an Architect made me a better UX Designer

They say that UX Design is about designing by drawing inspiration from the things that surround you - hear about one such form of inspiration that turned this architect into a UX Designer at Skcript’s …

Are you a Designer? Here’s how you can have a productive design day.

There are a lot of hacks that you can follow to have a fruitful design day - we’re helping you with a few of those hacks. Take a look and start designing!

How to compile a UX Case Study

When it comes to designing a product, every little factor that contributes to it’s design should be taken into account. Our UX Designer tells you the steps to follow to bring out some of your best …

Design 101: How Designing is like making the perfect Biriyani

Our Design Intern shares her recipe to creating the perfect Design for your products, and how it resembles making a perfect Biriyani.

How we designed a perfect indoor mapping solution for malls

A quick case study of an application that would help people move around malls easily.

Download our Personas Template for your next design workshop

Download the internal template that we use for building user personas during our design workshop.

Announcing the De-clutter Project

List of apps that are clutter free for your iOS device to let you focus on your work. Learn more.

Awesome Design Books every designer should read.

At any point, these are the books you will find in a designer's bookshelf.

This is by far the most beautiful travel illustration by Niemann

Christoph Niemann made a beautiful online visual journal of his expedition to the Arctic for Natgeo

Five talks every designer must watch.

We promise you will change your thinking about design. Thank us later.

GitHub's amazing UX

The next time you create something, even something insignificantly small, remember to deeply care.

Best advice for young designers from Ira Glass

Ira Glass, tells you exactly what you should know before you start working on your designs.

Here’s our brand identity template. You can use it for your startup.

Our design team open sources the entire brand identity we use internally.

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