Protobuf with GO

In this second post of Go series, we will see what Protocol Buffers are, data format and how to implement it in a Go-based application. We will also see how protocol buffers are effective over XML and …

Go for Go

Among the number of programming languages out there, Go or Go language is gaining traction in recent times for numerous development tasks. If you want to develop distributed networked services or …

Ownership & Borrowing in Rust #RustWorthy Part 3

On my last article, we discussed ownership in Rust. This article is an extension of the previous one which includes how ownership happens with functions and we’ll also look at borrowing.

Django for Rails Developers

Are you a rails developer? Do you want to get started with Django? Django which is a free and open-source web application framework uses a collection of modules written in python that helps you ease …

Ownership in Rust #RustWorthy Part 2

In the second part of the Rust Series, we look at ownership in Rust and how ownership helps Rust to handle memory allocation at runtime. Learn more.

Getting started with Svelte JS

Svelte is a powerful compiler which any developer can choose for building UIs for the web. Ready-to-use web applications are easily created at a faster pace using svelte as it compiles the code while …

Rust is Simply Awesome #RustWorthy Part 1

In this first article of a series, sathish talks about what he thinks about Rust programming language and what you can do with it.

Why we love Rasa more now

Rasa is an open-source chatbot framework that we have been using for designing and building our on-premise chatbots. Recently Rasa released a series of updates and also a new addition to the family- …

Finite State Machines In React JS Using xstate

Learn how to use xstate a state machine interpreter package with React JS

Rails 6 is here!

Ruby on Rails gets better with its 6.0 release. Here are three of our favorite features in this release.

Create a Microsoft Teams Bot with Ruby on Rails and REST API

We made a Microsoft Teams Bot with Ruby on Rails, here is how you can do the same easily.

How to create a Simple Physics Engine - Part 2

In this second part of creating a Simple Physics Engine, we dive into some advanced topics like Acceleration, Velocity and Force. Read on to learn more

18 Python packages you should be using right now

Let us look at some python packages that will get you started on your machine learning path #StartWithSkcript

10 Gems in Ruby that you will love

Let's go back to basics with Ruby on Rails and see some of the Gems that we use everyday at skcript. #StartWithSkcript

Firebase Dev Checklist for your Next Project #StartWithSkcript

In this first of #StartWithSkcript series, we dive into how to start your next project with Firebase. These are some of the steps we follow when we scaffold a project with Firebase. Read on to learn …

Definitive Guide on Migrating from Dialogflow to Rasa

Migrating from Dialogflow to Rasa is definitely not a piece of cake, except for training the Rasa-NLU. There are a few things that you should know about when you prepare to make this move.

Game of Thrones Ratings: A Case Study

The Game of Thrones series has been a part of our lives for 10 years now and they recently lowered the curtains on Season 8. Everyone had an opinion from who should’ve killed whom to who should’ve sat …

Dockerize a Rails App with MySQL and Sidekiq

Docker Compose offers a seamless way to build containers and orchestrate their dependencies, and helps lower the learning curve to build Dockerized apps. In this article you will learn how to …

How to create a Simple Physics Engine - Part 1

We use physics, we see physics in action, we experience physics in everything we do in our day-to-day life. How do you add physics to your code and make your code also experience nature’s forces? …

How to do Job Scheduling with Redis and Node JS

You will learn how to use Redis along with a Node JS package called Kue to schedule background process for a simple node js application. Read more.

How to create Custom Component in React native?

Learn how to make a custom component to satisfy both the design language and make both look similar to a native application with React Native

Protocol buffers may be the next data serialization game changer

From the messages you send to the program you design, use data serialization for reliable communication and persist an object state across an independent architecture. A very common example used in …

Using EmoDet for Emotion Classification in Text

We built a tool using natural language processing techniques that can help classify emotions involved in a text. In this article we introduce our tool EmoDet and share our experience in building it.

How to Build an End-to-End encryption in Hyperledger Fabric

Blockchain goes hand in hand with cryptography, so it is important that we maintain security and privacy of data. Extending the principles of blockchain, learn how to implement end-to-end encryption …

Setting up a Hyperledger Fabric Network with Multiple Chaincodes and Multiple …

When your Blockchain network grows, it will need much more flexibility. With Hyperledger Fabric, this is introduced with multiple chaincodes and multiple channels.

Dummies Guide to Querying a Hyperledger Fabric Blockchain Network with ExpressJS

The frontend of your Blockchain network often rules how the system will work in the real world. Setting up an ExpressJS server for your Blockchain network to query the Ledger is pretty …

Redefining The Insurance Industry With Blockchain Using Hyperledger Fabric

The insurance industry is an old monolithic industry solving todays problems with yesterdays technology. We believe introducing blockchain to this industry can substantially secure the entire process.

Setting up RESTful API Server for Hyperledger Fabric With NodeJS SDK

Learn how to setup a NodeJS server for your Blockchain network to allow multiple users to interact with the chain easily.

Setting up your development environment for Hyperledger Fabric

Get a peek into how a professional Hyperledger Fabric dev environment looks like. We take you from the directory structure to custom scripts we’ve written to automate testing.

Writing your first simple Hyperledger Fabric Chaincode in Go

In this article, we are going to understand the basic terminologies involved while writing a basic chaincode.

Lifecycle of Hyperledger Fabric Chaincode Development and Deployment

This article is focused on understanding how Hyperledger Fabric Chaincode development is done and how to easily deploy it whenever you update the chaincode.

Hyperledger Composer NodeJS SDK - Submiting Transactions

In my previous article, I spoke about how to setup the Hyperledger Composer NodeJS SDK with expressJS to build your own RESTFul API for a Composer Business Network. And this article is a continuation …

Rails strategy for reusing common behavior in models

This strategy is a must have when you’re considering reusing some of the modules that you’d written earlier. Quick and easy to build, this works like a pro - learn more.

Everything you need to know about Hyperledger Sawtooth 1.0

Hyperledger Sawtooth saw one of the biggest releases in its history, which is Hyperledger Sawtooth 1.0. This is especially huge considering the fact that the platform is now enterprise ready. Learn …

Grafana + InfluxDB setup using Docker for real-time analytics dashboard

Get a Grafana and InfluxDB stack up and running with Docker to monitor multiple servers across instances. Learn more.

The perfect Design Handoff workflow for Small Businesses

Whatever the digital product, design matters. And design by extension goes onto User Interface and User Experience. Yet, how do we bring these experiences to life? By developing them of course and …

5 advantages of using Hyperledger Fabric for your Enterprise Blockchain

"Why should I use Hyperledger Fabric for my Enterprise Blockchain?", "What is the preferred way of implementing Hyperledger Fabric?". Everything answered.

CLI-PR; A simple bash script for issuing Pull Requests to Github over Command …

Create a Pull Request on Github from Command Line interface with this simple bash script. Open Source.

#AskSkcript: What is Hyperledger's Policy Services?

Understanding Hyperledger Policy Services. What is Hyperledger Blockchain Policy Service? How can you take advantage of Policy Service? And when you should use Hyperledger Policy Service?

Hyperledger Fabric Architecture: Explained in detail

If you’re very new to blockchain and building your first network with Hyperledger fabric, I’d strongly suggest you to read this article so to understand the architecture of the framework and the …

Testing React-Native Apps with Appium - The Ultimate Guide

You can now test your native apps on Appium. The platform is flexible and can be used to test both iOS and Android applications. Our developer tested it out and here’s a simple way in which you can …

Simple Steps To Run Hyperledger Fabric Composer Network With Multiple …

In my previous article, I wrote about how to run Hyperledger Fabric with multiple peers running in different physical machines. And in this article it’s more towards setting up Hyperledger Fabric with …

Realtime Object and Face Detection in Android using Tensorflow Object Detection …

Computer Science has seen many advancements as the years go by. One such advancement is AI and in AI, Image Recognition is making waves. In keeping up with this tech, our AI team worked on a small …

5 minute guide to deploying your first application using Firebase Firestore …

A beginner guide to building your first application using Firebase Firestore. Everything you need to know about Firestore. And understanding Collections & Documents on Firestore.

Top React-Native Components (January Edition)

Here are the top 5 React-Native components that have found a place on our developers' list of favorite components to use. As always, our MAD (Mobile Application Developer) likes counting down from …

How to build NodeJS application for your Hyperledger Composer networks

This article helps you to build a NodeJS based backend client that can communicate with your hyperledger composer network. We will be using Hyperledger Fabric Composer's Native JS SDK in this article …

How to know if your business needs blockchain?

Before you jump into the Blockchain bandwagon, it is important to know if your business truly needs a Blockchain solution or not. Here's are some simple questions you need to answer.

Hyperledger Composer’s Transaction Processor Function explained

This article focuses on the easy understanding of Hyperledger Composer’s Transaction Processor function. Here, we will explain in detail with a real-world example to visualize the whole process.

Do you need blockchain in your supply chain?

Blockchain technology is revolutionizing industries. The technology is capable of allowing trustworthy data to be exchanged between two parties in any supply chain system, without the intervention of …

Setting up a Blockchain Business Network With Hyperledger Fabric & Composer …

In my previous article, I wrote about how to setup the Hyperledger Fabric Composer Business Network with a basic structure explaining each components of the architecture. This article is focused on …

Writing your first Business Model in Hyperledger Composer

This article focuses on creating a simple business model that helps you with visualizing the abstract nature of Hyperledger Composer’s language.

Getting Started With Hyperledger Composer

This article is for those who are getting started with blockchain and trying to use composer for quick development.

The easiest configuration block for your Ruby gems

Allowing external configuration for Ruby gems has always been ugly. Both for the developer and the configure-r. However Ruby’s metaprogramming and singleton classes come to the rescue. Read on to find …

I wanted to stay lazy this week.

There comes a time when every developer wants to be just a tad bit lazy - write simple code, build a little bot and generally read up. Our AI developer is no different, but he’s telling you how you …

How to structure Firebase database for a scalable chat app

There’s always a new messenger that greets you with every passing day. And now you can also make a messenger of your own with Firebase - learn how to make that messenger right here!

How to easily extract Text from anything using spaCy

Here’s a new framework that our AI Developer just unearthed - with this framework you can now extract text in a jiffy and also do a load of other cool stuff. Read on and find out how!

This trick will make you perform async operation in Python like a pro

The hack to asynchronous operations explained by our AI Developer - with just the right amount of code, back your code and carry out asynchronous operations like a pro.

What is Hyperledger Fabric and what you should know about it?

Blockchain Technology is touted to be the game changer in 2018. But does it take to successfully implement this tech? As we get into the nitty-gritty of Blockchain tech, we explain the most prime …

Announcing SAGE for Discord

When we made the move to Discord, the everything was new to us. We started off with setting up a few bots - and this is how we wrapped our heads around the concept.

Sending push notification with Firebase, Firestore & Cloud Functions

After the launch of Firestore, a lot of people asked me about how to integrate push notifications for Firestore changes and new data additions, and here is the article explaining it.

Firebase Social Login With React Native

Firebase social logins have worked wonders when it’s built for a browser environment. But where do we look to enable the same social logins and build it for a mobile environment? Well, look no further …

Kind of Apps you can build with React Native.

Here's why, how and when to choose React Native before you build your iOS or Android application. Learn more.

Here's how to send Slack notifications using Firebase Cloud Functions and …

With the release of FireStore we can now use it with cloud functions to do lots of wonders. Now, we are going to create a simple slack notification system via webhooks. Learn More.

How we improved our React/React Native project’s performance by 250% with just a …

Are you a person handling a huge project based on React/React Native? If yes, this might help you.

Send Emails with a Custom Domain Using SendGrid and Rails

A business is as strong as it’s elements. Our CTO explains how you can send cloud-based emails to give your business the edge that it needs.

Five App Store Optimization mistakes that you should avoid

App Store Optimization is something that many developers take it for granted. Here are some mistakes you should avoid.

Announcing GitInfo - GitHub app for Google Assistant [Open Source]

Here’s how you can build your own Google Assistant App for GitHub! We’re open sourcing this and worry not, it’s legit cool stuff!

Build your own Google Assistant Bot for your Firebase project Today

Build a Google Assistant Bot for Firebase application using Actions on Google and Firebase Cloud Functions as Backend.

Our Chief Architect talks at the JavaScript Chennai Meetup

Our Chief Technical Architect talks at the Chennai JavaScript Meetup this Saturday. Join us!

Building a RESTFul API with Firebase Cloud Functions for your Firebase App

How to build a RESTFul API for your Firebase app with Firebase Cloud Functions in under 30 minutes. Learn more.

Things you should do right after you signup for a AWS Account

Steps to secure your AWS Account right after you signup for one. AWS 2FA, IAM and others. Learn more.

The best Ruby on Rails Podcasts you can listen to right now.

We have contributed to Ruby on Rails, and these podcasts constantly feed our ears with some Rails Juice.

Redirecting Device Users To Their Last Visited Page

It's always a nice gesture to redirect your users to the page they were the last visiting.


Our CTO, Swaathi, talks about our commitment to the #100DaysOfCommit challenge. Join us.

Few development tools which every college kid should know before entering into …

Here are some of the most essential tools, a college kid should know about.

Minifying the mailers.

Our UX Engineer tells you how you can minify your mailers, with Inky and Foundation.

Reducing your 'Big' Data

Learn how Shrink can help you reduce your Big Data's storage footprint.

Offsetting Ruby Time

Managing local time is such a huge challenge when making web apps. Here's an easy way.

Scheduling Backup Jobs With Crontab

Scheduling database backup jobs are super easy and necessary.

Useful Imagemagick Commands

It’s such a nifty and powerful tool, there’s so much you can do with it.

Learning computer language

Our Sr. Architect talks about the way you should approach a computer programming language.


Our CTO talks about reducing painful conditional statements in your code.

SHRINK v40.04 (Earth Day) released with huge performance upgrades

Here is everything you need to know about the latest Shrink update in v40.04.

Setting up Raspberry Pi Controlled LED in Minutes

A tutorial on how to set up a Raspberry Pi to control LED lights in minutes.

File Drop-off feature now available to all our customers

One of the most important features, now available for everyone.

SHRINK v30.01 released with New Mount Mapping System and much more

Here is everything you need to know about the latest Shrink updates.

Increase Productivity With Smart Group Commands

Our Sr. Architect open sources the short commands for everyone to use.

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