Dummies Guide to Delegation in Swift

Want to know how delegation in swift is implemented? Here is the step-by-step process you can follow to implement and know-how delegation works in swift

How to add Header to Recyclerview in Android

In this article, we will try to develop a model that can be used for adding a header item to recyclerview for android applications.

How to create Custom Component in React native?

Learn how to make a custom component to satisfy both the design language and make both look similar to a native application with React Native

Should you ever rewrite your app from scratch?

When writing an app is difficult for many of us here, our Sr. Mobile architect has shared his thoughts and ideas about rewriting an app. Interesting, isn’t it? Read more to find out how he suggests to …

Flutter or React Native: A comparative study

Facebook’s React Native has existed without any competition for a few years, until Google came out with Flutter. Will Flutter give a tough fight for React Native? Let’s explore!

Getting smart with React Navigation

The React community brought out ReactNavigation and it’s already said to be the best out there - learn more.

Testing React-Native Apps with Appium - The Ultimate Guide

You can now test your native apps on Appium. The platform is flexible and can be used to test both iOS and Android applications. Our developer tested it out and here’s a simple way in which you can …

Top React-Native Components (January Edition)

Here are the top 5 React-Native components that have found a place on our developers' list of favorite components to use. As always, our MAD (Mobile Application Developer) likes counting down from …

These large-scale apps were built using React Native.

You have been using these apps at least once a day, and you had no clue?

3 days with iOS - the Android user’s perspective

The title is very evident, but it’s always difficult to convince an Android fanatic to use iOS on an iPhone. Adding more fuel to the Android vs iOS debate, we got our Mobile Application Developer to …

Top React-Native Components (November Edition)

This is November edition of the top 5 React-Native components. Counting down from 5, we tell you how these components will give your application the edge that it needs.

What's React Native's new FlatList?

Are you dealing with a scenario where you want to show a lot of data in a list? You should probably check React Natives new FlatList Component.

Steve - The simplest calendar app money can buy for iOS

Steve is the simplest iOS calendar app you can rely on. It is minimal, super fast, reliable and beautifully functional.

Not another iOS 11 Review

This isn’t another iOS 11 Review, this is rather an ‘uncovering’ the Hidden Features snippet. With the new software update, there’s a lot that Apple has in store, but what could we expect? This could …

Android O

The new and upgraded Android, Version 8.0 was launched on Monday as the Solar Eclipse was under way and we played around a bit with the new version - and this is what we found.

Few Hand Picked React Native plugins for your project

Bringing your React Native projects to life is going to much more fun and structured with this curated list of plugins. Learn and build great things!

Cooking your App to Development

There’s a lot that has to be kept in mind while building an app. The best apps are built keeping the user in mind - we tell you how to build some cool apps with the aspects that matter.

Kotlin vs. Java

There’s a plethora of different platforms available to build an Android app. Kotlin and Java happen to be our pet peeves as of now and we tell you how to build apps with both!

Creating a Project Estimator in less than 48 hours.

Estimate your IT Project Development Costs on your Android Device with this Android app. Learn more.

I think Android is now mature.

Why Kotlin is the best thing that has ever happened to Android Developers and what it means to the future.

What fonts can you use in your React Native project out of the box?

A detailed list of fonts that are available out of the box for your React Native project.

Authenticate React Native app with YouTube and list videos.

Authenticate your React Native app with YouTube and list down videos.

Awesome React Native Components you should checkout this weekend

Let us quickly take you through some of the best React Native Components you can checkout this weekend.

Using Firebase Cloud functions for Sending Push Notification To React Native …

Send and recieve push notifications on your iOS or Android devices using Firebase Cloud Functions.

Firebase + React Native (A Quick Start)

How to build a React Native App using Firebase as the backend with very little cost.

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