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Not another iOS 11 Review

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Apple released its major software update for its devices on September 19th this year - it brings a whole lot of changes in design, with tuning in the operating system and a major change is for the iPad. Here are the few hidden features that are hard to find,

One hand Keyboard typing

Apple will now allow you to type more with one hand leaving the other hand free to do whatever you want. It can be activated by pulling the globe button which is otherwise called the emoji activation button. Pulling the globe button right or left will activate one hand typing. This came first in the iPad and it'll be more useful all including the '+' signed phones from Apple.

Type to Siri

Finally it's here! You can now type to Siri! You can activate this by changing accessibility.

Settings -> General -> Accessibility -> Siri -> Type to Siri.

Now, the next time you call Siri, the keyboard will appear.

Siri Translation

Siri now supports spoken translation like the Google Assistant. Now you can ask for a word or sentence to be translated - English, French, German, Italian, Mandarin Chinese and Spanish are all supported.

Double-tap zoom in maps

This is also another one hand usable feature that Apple provides in iOS 11. Now Apple allows double tap to zoom in the map. If you keep holding the screen with your finger, on the second tap swiping up and down will zoom in and out.

Wi-Fi password sharing

When two devices which run iOS 11 are nearby but when one is connected to WiFi and the other is not, it can prompt the user who is connected to WiFi for password, and if the user agrees he or she will be connected to WiFi without even typing in a password.


In the Phone section of Settings, an Auto-Call option exists which will dial 911 if the Sleep/Wake/Power button is pressed quickly five times.

Auto-Removal App

iOS provides you with the options to indicate the least used apps when the device is left with minimal storage.

QR code support

Camera in the Apple devices now support QR code. One can open the camera and point it near the QR code to detect it.

There is whole lot of new features in iOS 11, and we will take time to explore all of these features fully. Apple always comes up with something new at their releases every year, and just like everyone else in the world, we've caught the iOS 11 bug too and till the next release comes, we're going to keep uncovering more features and working wonders with this one! 😀

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