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Top 7 iOS 13 features

A shout out to all iPhone lovers, iOS 13 offers greater performance along with a wide range of new features that will be compatible with iPhone 6S and all the later versions of the iPhone. Check out …

Getting started with Svelte JS

Svelte is a powerful compiler which any developer can choose for building UIs for the web. Ready-to-use web applications are easily created at a faster pace using svelte as it compiles the code while …

How to render a list and Navigate between screens in SwiftUI

In the previous blog on SwiftUI, we saw a basic tutorial of how SwiftUI works now we will see about rendering list and navigation with SwiftUi.

Rust is Simply Awesome #RustWorthy Part 1

In this first article of a series, sathish talks about what he thinks about Rust programming language and what you can do with it.

The Top 7 Android 10 features

Android 10 got released! It has plenty of new features and also fixed some major annoying aspects of file sharing and privacy! Check out the 7 coolest features of Android 10! Dark theme, smart replies …

Perfect SEO Meta Tags with Hugo

Do you want to be found easily on web? Read this article to learn how to effectively do SEO in Hugo.

Skcript's Favorite Podcasts

Everyone has a busy life, and podcasts are one of the easiest ways to acquire extensive source of information for updating your knowledge. Here is a list of our favorite podcasts. And I'm sure, after …

How to build iOS apps with swift UI?

Here is a quick tutorial to get started with building iOS applications with SwiftUI and XCode11. This method removes the inefficiencies in moving between code and visual layouts making it more …

How we Automate Android App Distribution with Fastlane

Last time we saw how to deploy iOS apps with FastLane, now let us see how to use FastLane to push Android apps to Google Play Store.

How we Automate iOS App Distribution with Fastlane

Fastlane provides an effective and automated way of pushing a build to TestFlight, App store and more. Find out how right here.

How to make a Circular Image View in Android without Third-Party Library

If you are an android developer, chances that you have to create a circular image view is always high. It was never a piece of cake to choose the best method for achieving it. This article is …

Why we love Rasa more now

Rasa is an open-source chatbot framework that we have been using for designing and building our on-premise chatbots. Recently Rasa released a series of updates and also a new addition to the family- …

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