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7 hacks to pump up your mood at work

We desire to be happy, but not everyone is really happy at work. It is not very difficult to find happiness at work and make it work for you.

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9 Key Business Benefits of RPA

RPA, the next evolution of business operations provides huge benefits to enterprises by automating their manual and repetitive tasks, enabling humans to work on creative and logical tasks

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How we are perfecting the art of remote work

At Skcript, we always spoke about remote working once a week. We believed in ourselves to manage the team, productivity, and balance culture, no matter from where we worked. What was once our dream, has now become a reality. Read more to know our method of work.

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A Good Addition to the Policy List

Does your office allow you to take your pets with you? If yes, then you should be having, if not you must be wondering how one can manage your naughty and super active pet while you work.

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Psychological Effects of Remote Work

Remote working could add pressure to your mind. Do you know what you are dealing with during the quarantine remote work? It could be the sudden change in work approach, environment or even loneliness. Let's face it.

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Role of RPA in Reports Automation in Banking Industry

Reports are highly important in showcasing the performance and reputation of the bank and presenting it to the board and stakeholders and serves as a primary tool for effective communication between companies. RPA automates reporting techniques, enabling the employees to focus on other high-priority tasks.

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4 Measures to follow during Remote Work

Adapting to new processes to improve work culture is challenging. But the situation demands in improving your processes to enable remote work. We have shared ideas that worked for us.

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Values Added During Quarantine with our Practices

Have you noticed the change in people as an effect of this quarantine? We noticed a few good changes because of the simple practices that we have adapted to. Maybe you can give them a try too.

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Building an Intercom App for Intercom Inbox

At hellonext we recently built an Intercom Integration for recording feedback directly from the Intercom Inbox. It made collecting valuable feedback from potential customers easier without juggling between browser tabs and applications to record it. In this blog post, I’m going to show you how to build one from scratch.

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Transforming Accounts Payable Processing using RPA

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) sector is estimated with an adoption growth of $2.9 billion by 2021. If this is any indication, RPA will continue to boom and gain popularity amidst various industries. Time and money are the key drivers for AP automation, as finance departments are imposed with high AP transaction costs and cycle times. Improved AP reporting and analytics, with the elimination of …

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Government Application Automation in Dubai

With integrated digital data, data capture has never been easier, especially in the government application process, with the introduction of the following apps by the emirate of Dubai.

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How RPA simplifies student onboarding in the Education Industry

According to the report “Digital Enterprise: January 2016” forecasted by World Economic Forum, innovations such as cloud accounting systems and artificial intelligence for automation, among others, will reduce the cost of the finance function by 40%. Isn’t it what the educational institutions require today, as they incur huge costs in maintaining academic records and have trouble tracking bills …

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