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Grading Process in Education Industry Using RPA

Technology in education is oft-spoken but how far is it adopted? While transforming from pen and paper approach to automation, there are many fears in the minds of academicians, the top being: Is security ensured? How far do the students have access to technology and can be automated? Is a fair grading system possible with an AI-powered bot?

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How RPA speeds up Accounts Settlement in Insurance Industry

Adapting to digital evolution is a need of the hour in the highly competitive industry to grow profits, meet shareholders’ expectations, and meet the high demands of customers at a minimum cost. With the market seemingly volatile, as a reflection of hardening in certain segments, there is a huge burden on agents to change their strategies to combat the pressure on premiums and commissions.

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The Tech Bingo Challenge

Played the “Bingo Challenge” on Instagram yet? Well here’s the tech version of it! Get your templates here.

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Integrating Custom Middleware to Dialogflow

In my last article, I covered how a chatbot engine works. The next piece of the puzzle is the middleware or backend server which sends the user query from the UI to Dialogflow. Let’s see how we can build and integrate custom middleware to Dialogflow!

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How RPA helps data capture/verification in Dubai

The transformation from the paper-dependent government to online paperless e-government is indeed revolutionary and swift in the emirate of Dubai whose strongest development drivers currently are tourism and international trade sectors with centrally planned free-market capitalism. Let's see what challenges occur in the data capture and verification processes.

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Mortgage Processing Automation in Dubai using RPA

With huge data handling and verification, automation becomes your smart buddy who adds business value! The smart tools have customer-oriented strategies driven by data analytics and what’s more when you can automate the entire loan process? Here’s how RPA assists in every stage of mortgage processing.

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How AI-powered RPA can work over Traditional RPA

A classic RPA bot copies human action, whereas AI simulates human intelligence through machines. By convention, AI-powered RPA is superior to traditional rules-based structured data automation with the use of technologies such as Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Text Analysis and ML, improving workplace experience. Let's see how this works

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How Auditing Process is Simplified in the Insurance Industry using RPA

Robotic Process Automation combined with Intelligent Process automation and cognitive augmentation has far-stretching results. Time to decode Jargons!

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How RPA Speed Up Claims Management in the Insurance Industry

Through the effective use of RPA, an Artificial Intelligence-powered workforce handles the repetitive tasks that drain the employees and the best part of it? Bots work across multiple systems-claim, policy, Know Your Customer Sanction, Customer Relationship Management, complaints, policy wording, history of communication, as against coded Excel Macros, and here’s what how you gain with RPA.

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How Human Resources can do Remote Work more Effectively

“Remote work is the future of work” sure has proved itself in 2020. As a HR, we’re so used to managing people “at” work. But what happens when work does not have a location? In this blog, we look at ways to make remote work more efficient!

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Maintaining Mental Health while Working Remote

Remote work has been our daily schedule for the past one week. And the entire team has gone through a roller coaster of emotions! From fear, solitude to anxiety - we’ve seen it all. But how do we maintain our mental health during these dire times? Here’s how we do it!

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Automating the Email Approval Process with UiPath

Email automation is one of the widely used automation processes and in this article, you can learn about how to read data from excel, send an email, read from the inbox and extract data.

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