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Products that run Skcript

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Karthik Kamalakannan

Building and running a business is hard. It's worth it. But its tough. One of the toughest jobs that I have in my everyday life is to make sure everyone's way of working is smoother than it was yesterday.

I strongly believe that the process and the relentless eye for quality we have has gotten us to where we are today. And I know that this what will take us further into the future. To make sure our workflows are smooth, without compromising on quality even one bit, choosing the right tool became very crucial for me. When choosing the tools, quality, scalability and a easy way to access the tool on the web was very very important for us.

Here's how we chose the tools, in order of priority:

  1. Quality of the tool
  2. Design of the tool
  3. Less learning curve
  4. Team's acceptance
  5. Cost

When all these checkboxes and filters are done, we go ahead with the tool of our choice. Since 2013, we've experimented with a ton of productivity tools, and after getting frustrated with some, we've build some on our own as well.

Here are some of the tools we use to run our company smoothly. Remember that all these tools are very centered and focused towards our values and culture,

"Heartbeat of your organization."

What do we use it for:

  • Managing tasks
  • Managing files
  • Managing projects and workspaces
  • Internal company announcements
  • Sharing progress of projects and milestones with customers


"Build software better, together."

What do we use it for:

  • Source Code Management
  • Open Sourcing projects
  • Sharing source code with others


"Where work happens."

What do we use it for:

  • Instant Messaging
  • Build notifications
  • Notifications
  • Notifications and a lot of notifications


"Reinventing teamwork."

What do we use it for:

  • File sharing and syncing with teams
  • Design Changes and Reviews
  • Majorly rely on Paper by Dropbox for capturing meeting notes and real-time collaboration

These are some of the first tools that we open right after we walk into our HQ - and it doesn't stop just there! There's so many more tools that help us have a productive day at work and we'd love to talk to you about a couple of other tools that we use! 🙂

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