Skcript x Robotic Process Automation

Automating CRM with UiPath

Automating your CRM can aid your Business place it at the forefront of your sales goals. In this tutorial, we will see how to place orders automatically during stock depletion using two robots.

Voice recognition in UiPath - Explained

Voice recognition has made many operations easy for us so our RPA team had an idea to implement voice recognition in Uipath and we succeeded in doing it! Read to know-how.

Benchmarking UiPath Performance using Multiple Bots

In this second part of benchmarking Uipath performance, we will see how Uipath reduces the execution time of processing several huge files. Learn how to implement multiple bots and use them at the …

The Basics of Text parsing in RPA

Process of parsing text is advancing with RPA. Use this article to adapt the easiest way of extracting data from pdf files using UiPath.

3 Genius ways to use RPA in your organization

RPA can help your organization handle data 10x times better. Read to explore the different ways.

Beginners Guide to UiPath Studio, Orchestrator & ReFramework

Want to know the working of UiPath Studio, Orchestrator, and ReFramework? We’ve covered it all for you!

12 RPA Blogs that we love ❤️

Here is a list of the 12 blogs on robotics process automation that you should definitely add to your reading list.

Top 6 use cases of RPA in the Healthcare Sector

RPA can help healthcare sector increase operational efficiency, lower costs and limit the possibility of human error. Read on to find out the best use cases of RPA in the Healthcare

How automation can help telecom industry

Different ways of how RPA helps the telecom industries to overcome its challenges.

RPA: History, Growth and Future

Do you want to know how RPA started? How RPA grew? And where it is heading to? This article is to address all these questions. Gain new insights and use RPA accordingly for your organization.

What is RPA technology? A step-by-step introduction for beginners

What is RPA? Is it worth the investment? Can I use it for automating my job and where do you draw a line while automating your job? Does that mean RPA is here to replace actual employees? Learn …

Want the most efficient organization possible? Adopt RPA today!

Most tasks in your organization can be automated easily which will free up your employees to handle more creative tasks thus making the most efficient organization possible. This article is for giving …

How RPA Technology Is Helping Humanity?

For humans, performing a repetitive routine task is no longer rewarding. This is where RPA provides a helping hand and help gain measurable efficiencies. This article explains how RPA is a friend for …

A Detailed Look into Ensuring Insurance with RPA

RPA is not a question of “if” anymore but a question of “when.” From claims processing, underwriting and policy cancellation, there’s so much that can be automated when you implement RPA solutions in …

5 Ways Banks are Using RPA Today

RPA can automate multiple business functions in a banking organization. This frees up time for your employees to focus on high-level tasks and directly contributing to company revenue.

State of Customer Engagement Automation in 2019

RPA can make a huge difference in Customer Engagement, let's take a look at everything that made a name for itself in 2019.

Three things that matter for an RPA Success Story

RPA is a powerful technology. Here is how to make sure your RPA implementation is a success story for your company. Learn more.

Who are the key stakeholders of an RPA project?

Implementing RPA project can be a daunting task, if you have not assigned corresponding stakeholders for the project. Here are the important stakeholders for a RPA project.

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