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Say hello to Allt Beta

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Karthik Kamalakannan

A few months ago, we were facing a huge problem of managing our 'work', in one single place. We were using more tools and we spent a lot of time switching between windows and apps, rather than staying on Sublime and programming cool things we were building. In one of the AHMs we decided that its on us to solve this problem, and Allt is a reflection of that vision.

Today, we are super humbled about the response from thousands of people who have requested access to the platform.

Allt's vision is to become your favorite little place on the Internet, where you go to manage all of your work related activities. Like generating productivity reports, knowing who is working on what, understanding where your company can improve, and above all, organize the information chaos in your company.

The best thing about Allt, is not just the easy five-second per task promise we have, but it is the fact that the platform works 'along' with your email. Emails is literally where the Internet began is life. Like literally. And emails are just awesome, and they are still cool for majority of people.

Email is not dead. They're still cool.

After working on a lot of communication platforms, our team of amazingly talented engineers, started working on Allt, in a different way to make communication and work management as easy as possible for us and others.

We've made Allt ubiquitous, intuitive, beautiful, real-time and alive, for any team of any size to collaborate and spend less time on the platform. This is to get their work done as quick as possible, and track them on Allt, from whatever source they would want.

With Allt, we are taking things slow and steady. Because, we know, that in just a few years, Allt is going to be the center of your organization's information and communication. One platform, which is beautiful enough for you to fall in love with a machine.

The technology behind Allt is sophisticated and the infrastructure we're running on has consumed months and months of productive work, investment and brilliant guidance from people like you and us.

Skcript is a bootstrapped company, and Allt is a product we will focus on, to make life easier for all of us. We truly believe, that this is going to be something.

We want to grow as a product, with you.

With Allt, we are not going to rebuild your workflow. We are not going to bother you with information that you might not need. We want to have it clean, slick and to-the-point, as much as possible.

If you are comfortable using other platforms, just use it. Integrate Allt, and Allt will be standing by you, trying to help you organize your tasks and goals, wherever you are.

As of today, we are launching the beta with features which we think are super essential for teams to get started. But next few months are super important for us. And we're making sure every minute of every day count and focused to build Allt the right way.

We don't want you to wait in line like others. Instead, from the time you request for an invite, we are going to be understanding you, and our engineers will reach out to us to see how you would like to use Allt for your purpose. Not everyone will have the same features as you do on Allt. You'll always be special to us. Request you spot, right away: Request Invite →

See you on the other side! Nandri! 🙏

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