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SHRINK v40.04 (Earth Day) released with huge performance upgrades

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Karthik Kamalakannan

SHRINK is our life's work. It's so exhilarating to see our customers use it everyday and get a huge value for their money. We're humbled by the feedback we've received from our customers, and today, we're announcing a huge change to the entire platform.

Starting today, we're rolling our a carefully crafted and optional migration update to our customers. We call it the Earth Day release. There are a few reasons why we call it that way, and you'll get to know that as you read on.

Let me list down some of the most important changes for you:

  • NEW! Smart Snapshots - You can now use SHRINK as your only backup solution. Without having to worry about investing money in another backup solution. The beautiful interface in your Admin Console will guide you through the Smart Snapshot setup process. This means, you can now setup SHRINK to take a snapshot of your system, still reducing your storage footprint. Our state of the art technology, makes sure there's no big change in your storage landscape. If you are an administrator, more details on this will be sent to you via portal.

  • NEW! Copy on Write - It has always been our priority to make sure you handle your data very easily and save storage costs. Copy on Write feature is now completely built into SHRINK. This means that every single file is now checksummed as before, but before changing the data pointer, we make sure the data is written in a new block. This prevents data from overwritten on the disk.

  • NEW! Hybrid Storage Blend - Storage Blending is something we are super excited about. And we think it has the potential to reshape your company's storage landscape. Now, whenever you send a large file to SHRINK for compression, the file is now stored in a secure place which is powered by optimized state-of-the-art SSD, providing you faster storage, retrieval and compression performance. More details on this will be sent to you via portal. Only available on SHRINK Extreme Servers

  • NEW! File Restores - It has never been this easy or intuitive to retrieve a file from your old snapshot. All those terminal screen you have been looking at, is now gone. Instead, you spend less time retrieving a file from our Smart Snapshots and invest your time in other things that matter to you. We've put in a lot of effort in making this super easy. And you'll be able to restore a file from Smart Snapshot in less than 6 clicks.

  • UPDATE! Large Blob Compression - We've improved the way we compress large blobs of data in SHRINK. It is now 3 seconds faster than before. You will see the performance gradually improve in your existing SHRINK Extreme Servers.

  • UPDATE! Admin Console - LIVE GRAPHS. You now get a snapshot of everything that is happening in your SHRINK Extreme, with the updated and Geek Themed Admin Console. The graphs are ONLY updated when you move your mouse, and not when your screen is idle. This is to make sure we use very less memory on our SHRINK Servers and deliver superior performance.

  • UPDATE! Email Notifications - Email Notifications have been improved in this release. You will now receive emails only when you are not online on SHRINK. If you are online on SHRINK's Web Portal, then you receive a cute notification on your desktop.

  • PATCH! Folder Renaming - A issue where some users were having trouble renaming folders is now fixed.

  • PATCH! Trashcan - A issue where a folder will now go away from the trashcan even after deleting it is now fixed.

  • A lot of other important back-end network speed improvements, caching improvements and under-the-hood upgrades were done in this release.

What's coming next?

Starting next week, we are working on improving the overall platform. You will see a bunch of security updates and fixes as a part of our Silent Upgrades in the next 15 days.

If you are our customer, thank you for running a smart business that suits 2016. If you are not our customer, we would love to talk to you. SHRINK works for businesses of any size.

Now is the best time to try SHRINK for your business to get your unstructured data, compressed & structured. Let us know who you are, and one of our engineers will talk to you directly.

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