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SwiftUI + WidgetKit

WidgetKit was introduced in WWDC 2020. It provides a timeline of useful content to display on your home screen. With SwiftUI and WidgetKit you can create a widget for iOS, iPadOS and MacOS with a …

How to use UIKit Views and View Controllers inside SwiftUI Views

SwiftUI is an amazing framework to build apps but at the moment it is far from complete. For things which are not ported with SwiftUI, you have to write code to communicate with UIKit to add advanced …

How to Create iOS Animations and Transitions in Swift UI

Animations and transitions make mobile apps come to life. With Swift UI, it’s so easy to do that! In this article I show you how to add animations to an individual view, for a state change and add …

Use Core Data with SwiftUI

In this post we will see how to use Core Data inside a SwiftUI project. Core Data provides solution to manage model layer object for an application.

The New React Native Command - Doctor

In React-Native, the command react-native-doctor is used for troubleshooting and automatically fixing errors in the development environment. Learn More.

Top 7 iOS 13 features

A shout out to all iPhone lovers, iOS 13 offers greater performance along with a wide range of new features that will be compatible with iPhone 6S and all the later versions of the iPhone. Check out …

How to render a list and Navigate between screens in SwiftUI

In the previous blog on SwiftUI, we saw a basic tutorial of how SwiftUI works now we will see about rendering list and navigation with SwiftUi.

The Top 7 Android 10 features

Android 10 got released! It has plenty of new features and also fixed some major annoying aspects of file sharing and privacy! Check out the 7 coolest features of Android 10! Dark theme, smart replies …

How to build iOS apps with swift UI?

Here is a quick tutorial to get started with building iOS applications with SwiftUI and XCode11. This method removes the inefficiencies in moving between code and visual layouts making it more …

How we Automate iOS App Distribution with Fastlane

Fastlane provides an effective and automated way of pushing a build to TestFlight, App store and more. Find out how right here.

Dummies Guide to Delegation in Swift

Want to know how delegation in swift is implemented? Here is the step-by-step process you can follow to implement and know-how delegation works in swift

How to create Custom Component in React native?

Learn how to make a custom component to satisfy both the design language and make both look similar to a native application with React Native

Should you ever rewrite your app from scratch?

When writing an app is difficult for many of us here, our Sr. Mobile architect has shared his thoughts and ideas about rewriting an app. Interesting, isn’t it? Read more to find out how he suggests to …

Flutter or React Native: A comparative study

Facebook’s React Native has existed without any competition for a few years, until Google came out with Flutter. Will Flutter give a tough fight for React Native? Let’s explore!

Getting smart with React Navigation

The React community brought out ReactNavigation and it’s already said to be the best out there - learn more.

Testing React-Native Apps with Appium - The Ultimate Guide

You can now test your native apps on Appium. The platform is flexible and can be used to test both iOS and Android applications. Our developer tested it out and here’s a simple way in which you can …

Top React-Native Components (January Edition)

Here are the top 5 React-Native components that have found a place on our developers' list of favorite components to use. As always, our MAD (Mobile Application Developer) likes counting down from …

3 days with iOS - the Android user’s perspective

The title is very evident, but it’s always difficult to convince an Android fanatic to use iOS on an iPhone. Adding more fuel to the Android vs iOS debate, we got our Mobile Application Developer to …

Top React-Native Components (November Edition)

This is November edition of the top 5 React-Native components. Counting down from 5, we tell you how these components will give your application the edge that it needs.

Firebase Social Login With React Native

Firebase social logins have worked wonders when it’s built for a browser environment. But where do we look to enable the same social logins and build it for a mobile environment? Well, look no further …

Not another iOS 11 Review

This isn’t another iOS 11 Review, this is rather an ‘uncovering’ the Hidden Features snippet. With the new software update, there’s a lot that Apple has in store, but what could we expect? This could …

Android O

The new and upgraded Android, Version 8.0 was launched on Monday as the Solar Eclipse was under way and we played around a bit with the new version - and this is what we found.

Kotlin vs. Java

There’s a plethora of different platforms available to build an Android app. Kotlin and Java happen to be our pet peeves as of now and we tell you how to build apps with both!

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