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How to write test cases for React with Cypress

Test cases are incredibly helpful in writing stress free code and when you need to migrate your frameworks. Let's look into how you can start writing tests for React using the Cypress testing …

Get Location Permission on Android Q

Google introduces the new Android OS called Android Q or 10. The Android 10 has released with a lot of new features like Dark Mode, Smart Reply, Focus Mode and so on. Android 10 has changed the way of …

Implement Dark Mode in Your Android App

Are you curious to implement the Dark Mode in Android Application? Here’s the perfect guideline to attain the Dark Mode in Android Application. Don’t waste your time; just implement and enjoy Dark …

The 3 ERPNext Automation videos you need to watch now!

ERPNext is one of the most popular SAP competitors. It’s a free and open-source Enterprise Resource Planning software. Using it is complex, like more ERP software. However, often the work is …

Automating the Email Approval Process with UiPath

Email automation is one of the widely used automation processes and in this article, you can learn about how to read data from excel, send an email, read from the inbox and extract data.

Things to know before using Android Studio

This blog series is for those who want to start their adventure in android development. Moving from Eclipse to Android Studio? Just installed Android studio? Confused on how to start? You’re in the …

What’s new in Android Studio 3.5

The New Android Studio 3.5 is awesome with a whole lot of improvements, enhancements, and fixes. It is faster, more memory efficient and more performant. We will see about the two core improvements, …

How we Automate Android App Distribution with Fastlane

Last time we saw how to deploy iOS apps with FastLane, now let us see how to use FastLane to push Android apps to Google Play Store.

How to make a Circular Image View in Android without Third-Party Library

If you are an android developer, chances that you have to create a circular image view is always high. It was never a piece of cake to choose the best method for achieving it. This article is …

How to add Header to Recyclerview in Android

In this article, we will try to develop a model that can be used for adding a header item to recyclerview for android applications.

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