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SOLVED - SameSite Issue With Rails in Chrome

Chrome launched a new update on February 4, 2020, with a new default setting for the SameSite cookie attribute. This affects the way the third party cookie access applications. In this blog, let’s dig …

Using Bamboo to Send Emails in Phoenix

I’ve never encountered a web application that doesn’t send emails to users! It’s so important. Let’s look into a popular mailing library called Bamboo and see how it can be used to trigger emails in …

Setting up OAuth in Phoenix

When developing an application, one of the most important factors is setting up a reliable authentication system. Setting up a social sign in, like Google OAuth gives you the advantage of speed and …

Selenium vs RPA: Features, Pros and Cons

Selenium is a testing framework that can be used to test web applications. It can also be used to automate web-based tasks. RPA is the process of automating operations with the help of bots/digital …

Custom Domain Login in Ruby on Rails

Build a system with custom domain features by maintaining the session in a multi-domain environment. Let’s see how to handle the sessions in this multi-domain environment.

Best Practices in UiPath

Need help with using UiPath? Here is the first part of the groundbreaking practices you can follow in UiPath which will help resolve issues, even more, faster and provide intelligent and robust …

Protobuf with GO

In this second post of Go series, we will see what Protocol Buffers are, data format and how to implement it in a Go-based application. We will also see how protocol buffers are effective over XML and …

Go for Go

Among the number of programming languages out there, Go or Go language is gaining traction in recent times for numerous development tasks. If you want to develop distributed networked services or …

Django for Rails Developers

Are you a rails developer? Do you want to get started with Django? Django which is a free and open-source web application framework uses a collection of modules written in python that helps you ease …

Create a Microsoft Teams Bot with Ruby on Rails and REST API

We made a Microsoft Teams Bot with Ruby on Rails, here is how you can do the same easily.

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