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Karthik Kamalakannan


Steve Jobs’ (imaginary) God child. Apple Inc. Aficionado. Luxury car enthusiast. Wannabe racer and not-so-funny joke maker. Hands down, the coolest boss that anyone can ever get! Before he was married to our CTO, he was married to E-mails. He loves sending emails and he loves reading emails - that’s his significant job role. Other than this, his job role changes every one hour; he works with design, codes a bit and also manages the entire team - he lives and breathes the CEO life everyday. All that is needed to impress him are elite design, having a clear head when it comes to making decisions and iced tea. Though he takes the credit for making the best iced tea, he doesn’t (Sankriti and Pankaj do 😉). Also, if you have the most boring dress collection, then he’ll love you immediately! 😅

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