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11 Questions you should ask before building your own chatbot in 2019.

A list of questions you need to get answers for before you start writing a single line of code for your chatbot for your business. Here is everything we learnt from all our chatbot implementations …

10 Business Cases of RPA you can adopt today in your business

A list of 20 real-world business cases for RPA implementation in your organization. Right from RPA for finance to RPA for administrative tasks, everything you need to know. Learn more.

We're building small tools for small businesses. And it is necessary.

We are a small business, and we needed some tools. So we started building them for ourselves. Nothing complex, just small tools that does one task really well.

5 Lessons we learnt from our large-scale enterprise AI implementation

Implementing an AI solution is not just about deploying the code and handing it off to the client. It is more than just that. Here are a few lessons we learnt from one of the largest AI implementation …

Three things that matter for an RPA Success Story

RPA is a powerful technology. Here is how to make sure your RPA implementation is a success story for your company. Learn more.

Who are the key stakeholders of an RPA project?

Implementing RPA project can be a daunting task, if you have not assigned corresponding stakeholders for the project. Here are the important stakeholders for a RPA project.

Why we don't send holiday wishes to our customers

Here's what we do that's something more than just sending a holiday wish email to our customers.

I run a technology company, and I moved to Pen and Paper

How a move to tracking tasks on Pen and Paper changed my life in a way I never thought it would. Learn more about how I use Pen and Paper to manage my task every two hours.

Driving the Enterprise Blockchain Adoption

How can enterprise blockchain take shape, what you can do about it and how to evaluate blockchain for your enterprise use-cases. Learn more.

Boeing invests heavily in blockchain; and what this means for aviation industry?

Aviation is one of the biggest industries where trust and authenticity of the data that are being exchanged are crucial. The industry does not take things for granted. Learn more.

5 things you didn’t know about blockchain

Blockchain's adoption is going up as we speak in the industry. Blockchain use-cases and development companies are on the rise. The technology has arrived at the right time in the industry. Learn more.

Introducing Blockchain Business Canvas. Evaluate your blockchain necessity with …

Analyze, evaluate and get to know if blockchain is the right solution for you with this Blockchain Business Canvas. A extensive tool while running your Blockchain Business Workshop. Learn more.

How are Smart Contracts Executed in Hyperledger?

How are Smart Contracts Executed in Hyperledger Architecture?

Blockchain use-cases for Insurance Industry in 2018

Insurance companies are looking into blockchain as the potential solution for underwriting, claims processing and more. Here's a look at potential use-cases of blockchain for insurance in 2018.

Blockchain use-cases for Aviation Industry in 2018

Blockchain technology is picking up really fast with aviation companies like Luftansa and the use-cases are consistently expanding as we speak. Here’s a quick list of three major use-cases of …

Five ways blockchain is transforming your industry

Industry leaders are consistently exploring different varieties of answers for this question to see if blockchain can have a significant benefit for their business by improving transparency, security, …

Six ways the blockchain can be an advantage for Supply Chain

The blockchain for supply chain is going to be the standard in the industry in the next five years. We've already seen the adoption of the blockchain technology with our supply chain customer, and …

Should I choose Hyperledger Sawtooth 1.0 over Fabric 1.0 for my private …

Hyperledger Sawtooth for example, focuses on creating very secure way to handle your smart contracts, with stricter rules and consensus. Learn more.

#AskSkcript: What are 'Side Chains' in Blockchain?

What is the process called Side Chaining in Ethereum or any other Blockchain network? Explain Side Chains in plain English or simple terms.

Everything you need to know about Hyperledger Sawtooth 1.0

Hyperledger Sawtooth saw one of the biggest releases in its history, which is Hyperledger Sawtooth 1.0. This is especially huge considering the fact that the platform is now enterprise ready. Learn …

Grafana + InfluxDB setup using Docker for real-time analytics dashboard

Get a Grafana and InfluxDB stack up and running with Docker to monitor multiple servers across instances. Learn more.

Announcing Allt for iOS. But there's a catch.

Today, Allt is being used by hundreds of people across the globe to organize their work. The mobile app aims to compliment the web platform. Here's everything you should know about Allt for iOS and …

Introducing Blockchain Industry Readiness Programs (IRP)

This Blockchain Industry Readiness Program is an initiative that is aimed at training high-quality engineers to build perfectly good blockchain based products. With us, or with someone else they would …

What data should I store on blockchain?

Not everything goes into your blockchain. Choose what data you should be storing into your blockchain network carefully. Here is a quick way to understand what to put in the blockchain.

Key business benefits of blockchain. AKA the business side of blockchain a CXO …

Recognizing the key benefits of blockchain for your business. And what you can go about it? Learn more.

#AskSkcript: What are the elements of a blockchain?

"Can you help me understand some of the elements of a blockchain? And what those elements do to make sure they work in sync?" Skcript answers.

5 advantages of using Hyperledger Fabric for your Enterprise Blockchain

"Why should I use Hyperledger Fabric for my Enterprise Blockchain?", "What is the preferred way of implementing Hyperledger Fabric?". Everything answered.

CLI-PR; A simple bash script for issuing Pull Requests to Github over Command …

Create a Pull Request on Github from Command Line interface with this simple bash script. Open Source.

#AskSkcript: What is Hyperledger's Policy Services?

Understanding Hyperledger Policy Services. What is Hyperledger Blockchain Policy Service? How can you take advantage of Policy Service? And when you should use Hyperledger Policy Service?

How to choose a blockchain framework for your business

As a business person, you should consider these factors before choosing a blockchain framework for your enterprise blockchain implementation. Learn more.

6 Blockchain frameworks to build Enterprise Blockchain & how to choose them?

Let us help you list some of the open frameworks for blockchain (both public and private blockchain frameworks), that can help you develop your Enterprise Blockchain solution faster and better. Learn …

These large-scale apps were built using React Native.

You have been using these apps at least once a day, and you had no clue?

What is not blockchain. Everything you need to know.

Blockchain Technology is touted to be the game changer in 2018. But there are some misconceptions when it comes to understanding the technology for enterprise blockchain implementations.

How to know if your business needs blockchain?

Before you jump into the Blockchain bandwagon, it is important to know if your business truly needs a Blockchain solution or not. Here's are some simple questions you need to answer.

Why these industries should implement Blockchain technology today!

Blockchain for these industries are going to define the future. You need to move fast and take advantage of the blockchain technology to stay ahead of your competition. Learn more.

Do you need blockchain in your supply chain?

Blockchain technology is revolutionizing industries. The technology is capable of allowing trustworthy data to be exchanged between two parties in any supply chain system, without the intervention of …

Using Artificial Intelligence to improve claims processing

AI is helping insurers get more done with better accuracy like never before. Here are some statistics and strategy for implementing AI for your insurance business.

Here’s a very crucial thing people who build AI know, but you don’t

The $39 billion market is something huge. But companies are mising to see a huge component when they are calculating the budget to implement a AI solution.

You need these three user roles before implementing Blockchain for your business

One of the important things to consider before starting a blockchain project is to set the teams right. Here's a look at how you can form Blockchain Strategy Group.

Three questions every CEO should answer before implementing Blockchain

83% of the C-suite executives believe that trust propels their business. Blockchain is all about creating trust among users. If you are a CEO looking to implement a blockchain solution for your …

Five use cases of Artificial Intelligence for the next decade

The market value of Artificial Intelligence is expected to reach $39 billion by the year 2025. Here are some of the use cases and industries that will be a part of this huge revolutoin. And how …

AI’s ROI grows with time. You just don’t realize that yet. Let’s call it ROA.

Artificial Intelligence is at the center of today's innovation. Thanks to the disruptive capabilities powered by scalable machines. Here is a quick guide to calculate the return on investment on …

How to make sure your AI initiative succeeds in your company

You need to know these strategies and answers to these questions before your Artificial Intelligence strategy succeeds in your organization. Learn more.

Is your business ready for AI adoption?

AI is more than just a buzz word now, it’s here to take businesses and the world by storm. How powerful is AI when put in practice, how can it fast track businesses and should businesses consider AI? …

What you need to understand about blockchain as a CEO

If you are CEO, you need to know this about blockchain for your business. Some of this might be hard truth, but then, it is important. Learn more.

How blockchain can help with provenance? And what you should do about it?

Blockchain is disrupting industries today. Our experts say that the growth is exponential and here's how blockchain is disrupting provenance of any material. End-to-end.

Banking as we know it, will be long gone before year 2037

Blockchain is disrupting the banking industry so much that the industry might be dead by the year 2037. Here's how we believe the transition will happen. Learn more.

Design should start from the top of the company

As a leader in your company, your willingness to invest in good design affects your company in a larger way than you think. It's just so important.

What is Hyperledger Fabric and what you should know about it?

Blockchain Technology is touted to be the game changer in 2018. But does it take to successfully implement this tech? As we get into the nitty-gritty of Blockchain tech, we explain the most prime …

What makes Blockchain beneficial over other technologies?

Let us walk you through why Blockchain is better than other technologies in the industry. Learn how you can implement Blockchain and speed up your business growth.

A brand new promise

The new face of Skcript comes with a reinforced promise. A promise that will inspire and disrupt the set boundaries. Join us as we embark on a new path-breaking journey.

Kind of Apps you can build with React Native.

Here's why, how and when to choose React Native before you build your iOS or Android application. Learn more.

The brutally honest question every CEO must answer.

Every CEO must answer this one honest question before stepping into a new idea for the company. She or he just can't escape.

Products that run Skcript

Products drive and accelerate the company. Without the right tools, a company can feel incapacitated - we’re here to help you rectify that. Equip yourself with the right tools and run a business that …

Moving our comments to discourse

We are moving our Blog's discussion system to discourse to provide better interaction and develop better community, join us and find out more!

Apache Spark - Which language to pick?

Every language has it’s own pros and cons. Zeroing down on one single language to use with Spark depends on your own project needs. Pretty straightforward, right?

New - Skcript OG Series

Honouring people who inspire us begins here. Announcing the new Skcript OG Series - Season 1.

Things that could kill your outsourced IT Project

If you are a customer to a consulting company, you need to let go of these practices to make sure that you get the best product out.

The other side of empowerment

Building a great team of people who are empowered to do what they think is right in the company is crucial. Here's how Skcript provides an unusual way of empowerment.

Five App Store Optimization mistakes that you should avoid

App Store Optimization is something that many developers take it for granted. Here are some mistakes you should avoid.

Things you should do right after you signup for a AWS Account

Steps to secure your AWS Account right after you signup for one. AWS 2FA, IAM and others. Learn more.

What fonts can you use in your React Native project out of the box?

A detailed list of fonts that are available out of the box for your React Native project.

Download our Personas Template for your next design workshop

Download the internal template that we use for building user personas during our design workshop.

Announcing the De-clutter Project

List of apps that are clutter free for your iOS device to let you focus on your work. Learn more.

Why you should run a Product Review Workshop at your company.

Your product needs a product review workshop at your company at regular intervals.

How to run a Product Review at your company. [Process]

Here's how you can run a good Product Review workshop at your company.

Important Leadership Principles at Skcript

From quality to keeping people happy, everything a leader should respect at Skcript.

Awesome Design Books every designer should read.

At any point, these are the books you will find in a designer's bookshelf.

Authenticate React Native app with YouTube and list videos.

Authenticate your React Native app with YouTube and list down videos.

Instagram accounts every designer must follow

Being a designer, Instagram is one place you should be looking out for inspiration. Here are some of the best accounts to follow.

This is by far the most beautiful travel illustration by Niemann

Christoph Niemann made a beautiful online visual journal of his expedition to the Arctic for Natgeo

How to create a landing page for your project in 30 minutes

Use this Gulp Nunjucks and NPM starter template to create your own landing page for hackathon in less than 30 minutes.

Awesome React Native Components you should checkout this weekend

Let us quickly take you through some of the best React Native Components you can checkout this weekend.

The best Ruby on Rails Podcasts you can listen to right now.

We have contributed to Ruby on Rails, and these podcasts constantly feed our ears with some Rails Juice.

How to run a Product Discovery Workshop at your company

Here is how you should run your Product Discovery Workshop at your company and get your idea off the ground in 5 days.

Making choices...

Everyday, you do two things. Saying yes to everything or saying yes to a few things.

10 ways to create a friendly employee workplace

Successful companies spend a ton of time thinking about their employees. Here are the 10 ways to create a healthy employee workplace.

Signs that a good employee is about to quit.

These are the warning signs that you should look out for to have a healthy employee ecosystem.

Running the most efficient workshop for teams.

From our experience, here are some tips to run the best workshops.

Five talks every designer must watch.

We promise you will change your thinking about design. Thank us later.

Making Allt better one day at a time.

On an average, 2000 lines of code are pushed every day.

A list of things ‘great’ leaders says to their team.

A list of things leaders use to keep them fresh, motivated and to get the most out of them.

Make continuous feedback a part of your company’s culture

Use simple tools to make continuous feedback easy.

Introducing Understand Better!

A powerful platform to let your people talk to you, the way they should.

Skcript announces Varun Raj as the Product Owner of Pollfury

Varun will be running the operations for our newest product, Pollfury.

Introducing Pollfury

Our 12-hour side project we made, to make polls great again.

We're hosting Chennai Ruby Meetup

We are hosting Chennai Ruby Meetup - September. Join us.

5 ways to empower your team for success

The 5 tips below will help you empower your team for success.

Sr. Architect talks at Chennai.rb

Our Sr. Architect, Varun talks about Browserify, Rails & React at the Chennai.rb User Group.

Staying focused when working remotely

Our CEO writes about killing distractions while working from home or away from the office.

Too many people are talking

Our CEO talks about the problems in the way we look at Slack as an email replacement.

Reducing your 'Big' Data

Learn how Shrink can help you reduce your Big Data's storage footprint.

Best advice for young designers from Ira Glass

Ira Glass, tells you exactly what you should know before you start working on your designs.

Five things to consider when choosing enterprise productivity applications

Our CEO talks about what enterprises consider for productivity.

Skcript CTO talks at Chennai.rb

Our CTO, Swaathi talks about Rate limiting in Ruby at the Chennai Ruby User Group.

Here is what I learnt running a bootstrapped business

Here's what you should really know if you are running a bootstrapped business.

Say hello to Allt Beta

Allt beta launches to the public with over 2,000 customers. We're super thrilled about it.

More customers we have, more trees we plant

Our CEO announces a new way to fix our environment

SHRINK v40.04 (Earth Day) released with huge performance upgrades

Here is everything you need to know about the latest Shrink update in v40.04.

These are the only six tools you need to run your company

Our CEO briefs you about the six tools you need to run your company easily.

Here’s why we built Allt.

Our insights into why we built Allt for us and for you.

File Drop-off feature now available to all our customers

One of the most important features, now available for everyone.

SHRINK v30.01 released with New Mount Mapping System and much more

Here is everything you need to know about the latest Shrink updates.

Follow these steps to run a more secure business

Running a secure business is as important as your teams happiness.

Don’t think. Just make.

Our team unveils a whole new campaign to inspire innovation.

Enterprise Storage Problems #1: Increased Management Complexity & Decreasing …

Handling the reduces budgets and improved management.

It’s 2016. Don’t expand your storage clusters. Reuse them. Here’s how.

It’s 2016. Don’t expand your storage clusters. Reuse them. Here’s how.

SHRINK launches for businesses

Shrink for business launches to the world at GITEX 2015.

Open Sourcing our Redbook

Our management team open sources the Redbook, our internal policies and culture notebook.

Here’s our brand identity template. You can use it for your startup.

Our design team open sources the entire brand identity we use internally.