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What type of product team should you have?

Every product had a product team but the team characteristics might change from company to company and product to product. They have their own responsibilities and structure which define the type of …

Making the right financial decisions in your 20s

A lot of us learn about financial responsibilities later in life. But, at Skcript we wanted to make sure every individual makes smart economic decisions. Hence was born TwoCents, our monthly session …

How we are perfecting the art of remote work

At Skcript, we always spoke about remote working once a week. We believed in ourselves to manage the team, productivity, and balance culture, no matter from where we worked. What was once our dream, …

The only WFH productivity hack you need!

Are those #WFH memes and boredom taking over you, draining your energy and making you less productive? We might have cracked it with our standup routine and virtual tea breaks!

Skcript's Remote Work Guidelines

At a time like this, going remote is required to protect your team’s health and balance your business growth. Remote work is not as difficult as you think. With the right tools, energy and …

Project Management: Part 1

Projects face a lot of roadblocks, changes, and issues during development. This can be controlled and managed better by introducing project management techniques. In this blog, we will be discussing …

PDW’s are so important that we created a compressed version for the busy bees

To all the busy CXOs and teams, here is a version of the PDW that is compressed but with the full impact.

Product planning cycle and the role of product managers through it!

Product managers and products go hand-in-hand. The cycle of the product and how the manager is involved in each phase is what we are reading below. This is a duo read on the product and product …

Quick guide on requirement gathering phase in an RPA project

RPA projects have a pattern and here is a curated set of questions that can be asked for every RPA project. You are almost set to rock and roll on the project if you have got answers to some of these …

How to keep your Instagram active?

There are so many social platforms to promote a brand or a company. Instagram is a well known social platform and here is a blog on how Instagram can be used to promote a tech brand.

Ever wondered how a Blockchain pre-sales meeting looks like?

Blockchain has been the talk-of-the town for quite some time and not surprisingly a large number of people want a Blockchain powered solution to be implemented in their organization. Our program …

What-not-to-do before a meeting

There are a ton of things you should do before a meeting. But there are few things, that we tend to miss before a meeting which in-turn may lead to bad impression. Risking in meetings might reflect …

Office Space and Productivity

With the new initiative S/LAB in place, our office is swarming with a lot of ideas. One such idea that struck me was how much office space mattered to have a productive day. After reading few blogs, …

Skcript Announces S/LAB - A nested Startup Within Skcript

S/LAB, a new nested startup inside Skcript that aims to explore the possibility of technologies like never before launches today. Learn more.

Quick Guide To Writing Emails

Writing emails is something that has been taught to us in high school, yet, most of us don’t seem to get the hang of it. Probably because the formats used in school are of no use in the real world. …

Introducing BRG, an exclusive Blockchain division at Skcript

The new division, BRG will focus on reimagining the supply chain network across multiple sectors.

Must have Management tools

Everyday essential tools or tools to save your time - there are tons and tons of blogs on what tools to use and the best of all of them. I decided to write one too, given that my everyday tool list is …

What should go into your meeting agenda?

Every meeting has to be precise and to the point. A meeting that does not end with action point is not a meeting at all. They're just people talking. Learn more.

How not to be distracted in 2018!

At work, everyone gets distracted at some point. There might be a new movie trailer that's out, a new gadget review or even a cute puppy gif. We can take a few minutes to look at these, but it's …

December @Skcript

December is the decider on this side of the world, mostly because the city that we’re headquartered in takes in a lot of brunt during this month. But December is also the month of celebrations and new …

Leadership starts within and goes beyond everyone…

Having a one-on-one with your boss can result in many things. Mine resulted in pushing me to write a blog post on what being a leader is!

Why 90’s kids are cool

Being a 90’s kid is a lot of fun and with the entire world flooding social media with the perks of being a 90’s kid, we wanted to contribute from Skcript as well. And to all the kids who aren’t from …

What 10 months at Skcript has taught me.

This might probably be the most honest and accurate recounting of a day (or rather most days) in the life of a Program Manager. Find out what her time at Skcript looks like and you could even take a …

How to be the best host for your meeting?

Meetings are never meant to be longer and heavier. A short and crisp meeting is always appreciated and here are few points to make your meeting a success.

A program manager’s approach to design

While designing, we’re all looking for that wow, X-factor - but it’s tough to chance upon in the very first go. Our Project Manager unravels all the steps to follow that will ultimately lead you to …

How we did a major brand redesign

The depth that goes behind the word ‘re-brand’ has is a lot to fathom in a single shot. That’s why we took a healthy amount of days to actually get this re-brand out, and here’s how we pulled it off.

Steve - The simplest calendar app money can buy for iOS

Steve is the simplest iOS calendar app you can rely on. It is minimal, super fast, reliable and beautifully functional.

Renovating our office - S(k)cripting

Making little changes to how our office was organized helped us work better - it has given us a new vision to work towards. We’re now pushing boundaries more than ever, here's how it worked out.

Cooking your App to Development

There’s a lot that has to be kept in mind while building an app. The best apps are built keeping the user in mind - we tell you how to build some cool apps with the aspects that matter.

You are the master of your tool!

When a project comes along, there’s too much information that flows in. Our Program Manager tells you why it’s important to use a product management tool to keep this information intact.

Adding more brains to the clan…

We had the best batch of interns this Summer! Join our Program Manager as she talks about how expanding Skcript’s team was fearful yet fun

Getting started with Product Research [101]

These are the five steps that any Program Manager should follow to do Product Research.

The boring post on Project Management

Our Project Manager talks about how she manages projects at Skcript to make sure they are delivered on-time.

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