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Recreating Bootstrap Grid with Tailwind CSS Grids

In the article, we will see how to recreate bootstrap’s flexbox grid with Tailwind’s CSS Grids. We will see how to create a 12 column grid, gutter space, responsive columns, and everything that can be …

Extract UI Components with AlpineJS and TailwindCSS using x-spread and @apply

Alpine and Tailwind are made to work in the markup itself. But let’s break the rules here and extract components into their separate CSS and JS. Let’s see how it can be useful in your web …

How to Publish a Package to NPM

You have written your code and it’s ready to publish to the world, but how do you do it? I had this exact question a few weeks ago. In this article, I have described the steps I followed to publish a …

Rise of Tailwind - A Utility-First CSS Framework

What if there is an easy way to achieve responsive UI without using any UI kit? Can we create new and fresh designs for every project with a CSS framework? Enter Tailwind CSS, will this be the perfect …

Perfect SEO Meta Tags with Hugo

Do you want to be found easily on web? Read this article to learn how to effectively do SEO in Hugo.

Skcript's Favorite Podcasts

Everyone has a busy life, and podcasts are one of the easiest ways to acquire extensive source of information for updating your knowledge. Here is a list of our favorite podcasts. And I'm sure, after …

Tamil Web Fonts: Beginner’s Guide to CSS Font Family Declarations in Tamil

Learn how to include Tamil fonts to your website in the correct way. Find out about the font-face property, link the font from Google Fonts and see how to optimize it for performance also.

What I will be doing in 2018

Everyone has got a list of New Year resolutions that they write but may not end up following. With this, we’re writing resolutions in a way that we get them done by the year end - find out how to be …

Is your Blog fully optimized for SEO?

A well written blog could easily make your site useful and gain new audience but even if your content is good it can be hard to market your blog, especially if you are just starting out new - here …

Best Mac Apps for a Web Designer

Every Web Designer and Developer has a stash of their favourite, go-to apps. Hear from our Web Designer about his list, and you might even find your favourite in here!

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) using Middleman

Learn about how to make AMP Pages using Middleman in this part 2 of Using Middleman Series!

Top 7 reasons why we moved from CircleCI to Netlify

At any organization, a rebrand calls for elevated performance and a more refined look when it comes to a website. While we underwent a rebrand, our own website was in need of the same - learn how we …

Apple Music, Gaana, Wynk, Saavn, Jiomusic and Google Play Music. Which is the …

I have tried and tested it all, now join me as I review all the music streaming services that are currently prominent in India which might help you choose an app that’s reliable to use and which ones …

The Best Boilerplate for Static Site Generators

We've curated a list of sources that will help you build a whole site in a jiffy. Take a look and start building!

Give your startup the online presence it deserves

Having a strong online presence is a must for every startup. We tell you where to focus, what to bank on to give your startup the voice it needs.

The Novices’ Guide to Front-end Development in 2017

For anyone just starting out with Front-end Development this is your eye candy - we tell you all the tools you’ll need to be a forerunner in Front-end.

AMP - Showing you the Need for Speed on your websites

We finally got behind the hype of AMP and tried it out, here is what we learned.

Static Sites with Blogs using Middleman - Part 1

We tell you how to create blogs with Middleman for static sites

Advantages of Progressive Web Apps and How to build them

Build Progressive Web Apps to improve speed, increase customer retention and increase users.

Why choosing CMS is not the only option to build your website

Confused about when and when not to choose a CMS for your site? Here's somethign you should know. Learn more.

How we made our website offline first

This is how we made our website offline first and also into a Progressive web app.

Automate your front-end development with Gulp

Use Gulp, Nunjucks and NPM to automate your front-end development and deployment process.

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