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How to Execute Python Scripts in Electron and NodeJS

With Electron it’s so easy to build cross platform desktop applications. However you might need to access functionality that isn’t readily available in JavaScript. Python to the rescue! In this …

Automate Multiple Excel Sheet Reporting with RPA

In the field of Automation, there are five major areas where most of the automation takes place. Some of the applications are Web Applications, Email, Excel, Citrix and other desktop applications. In …

Integrating Custom Middleware to Dialogflow

In my last article, I covered how a chatbot engine works. The next piece of the puzzle is the middleware or backend server which sends the user query from the UI to Dialogflow. Let’s see how we can …

Rasa + Flask, Together Forever

Have you heard about chatbots? Pretty sure you have! Rasa is a powerful Python framework used to build chatbots. Let’s see how you can expose Rasa chatbot dialogs to a web server using Flask!

Health Screening Covid 19 with RPA + AI

The world is dealing with one of the biggest crises, COVID-19 aka CoronaVirus. All the countries are imposing protocols to contain the spread by reducing human contact. To contribute to that, one of …

The Future of RPA - The Dawn of Hyper Automation

Robotic Process Automation has revolutionized the way businesses operate. But it is just the beginning. Let us tell you everything about Hyper Automation and where you can use in your business. Learn …

Best Practices in UiPath Part - 2

In this second part of Best Practices in UiPath, we will see some more useful tips that can help you while developing automation in UiPath.

A Guide to Extracting Multiple Tables from Web Page with UiPath

Data scraping is transforming the world with its applications. Digital businesses, Marketing and researchers are highly benefited by data scarping. Here is how to extract multiple tables from single …

Benchmarking UiPath Performance using Multiple Bots

In this second part of benchmarking UiPath performance, we will see how UiPath reduces the execution time of processing several huge files. Learn how to implement multiple bots and use them at the …

10 Gems in Ruby that you will love

Let's go back to basics with Ruby on Rails and see some of the Gems that we use everyday at skcript. #StartWithSkcript

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