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Swaathi Kakarla


She’s got her C’s sorted - Code, Chips and Clean. It takes these three things to impress her; ☝️ Code - if you know how to code and have a fat Github repo, congrats on clearing the first step! ✌️ Be clean! Keep both the office and yourself clean. You either get into her good books, else you will end up with our Sr. UI Engineer (who isn’t too much fun to be with) 👌 Chips lover. Her love for chips is more than anything else. Now, if you’re all three, hurray! You are now in her good books 😃 On a serious note, she is one goddamn amazing programmer and is absolutely proud of it - she’s basically the Wonder Woman when it comes to code. Like our CEO, she loves all things Apple. She’s always on the lookout for good food and unlike our CEO, she has a way better dress collection 😉

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