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Articles by Swaathi Kakarla:
Good organizational culture is not a foosball table

Building a company is more than sales and marketing. A company is about its people. You need to inspire great culture to foster innovation and a sense of belonging.

Bored at work? Try Skcrolympics!

Back in the good old days, when we could meet, team activities were Uno, or cricket, or Secret Hitler. But now, going remote, like most of us during the lockdown, we were BORED and craving for human …

Pattern Matching In Elixir

Pattern matching is a great way to write idiomatic functional code. It’s a powerful tenant of functional programming that makes it a joy to write conditional statements. If you don’t want your code to …

Concurrency In The Erlang VM

Erlang is often referred to as the “concurrency oriented programming language”. How did it get this name? How can a language created in the 80s for the telecom industry help us now? It turns out that …

Rails 6 is here!

Ruby on Rails gets better with its 6.0 release. Here are three of our favorite features in this release.

An Introduction to the Genesis Block in Ethereum

Getting started with one of the most popular Blockchain frameworks, Ethereum is a piece of cake - if you know what the Genesis block is all about.

Rails strategy for reusing common behavior in models

This strategy is a must have when you’re considering reusing some of the modules that you’d written earlier. Quick and easy to build, this works like a pro - learn more.

The easiest configuration block for your Ruby gems

Allowing external configuration for Ruby gems has always been ugly. Both for the developer and the configure-r. However Ruby’s metaprogramming and singleton classes come to the rescue. Read on to find …

10 security measures you need to implement in your app NOW

Hacking in any amount isn’t too much of a good thing. That’s why it’s important to protect your data as and when you can. Here are the top 10 ways in which you can beef up the security of your app.

Send Emails with a Custom Domain Using SendGrid and Rails

A business is as strong as it’s elements. Our CTO explains how you can send cloud-based emails to give your business the edge that it needs.

A.I. Series Part 1 - Normalizing Data

Our CTO and A.I. Engineer explain how they normalized data for UnderstandEngines A.I. Brain.

Redirecting Device Users To Their Last Visited Page

It's always a nice gesture to redirect your users to the page they were the last visiting.

GitHub's amazing UX

The next time you create something, even something insignificantly small, remember to deeply care.


Our CTO, Swaathi, talks about our commitment to the #100DaysOfCommit challenge. Join us.

Offsetting Ruby Time

Managing local time is such a huge challenge when making web apps. Here's an easy way.

Scheduling Backup Jobs With Crontab

Scheduling database backup jobs are super easy and necessary.

Useful Imagemagick Commands

It’s such a nifty and powerful tool, there’s so much you can do with it.


Our CTO talks about reducing painful conditional statements in your code.

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