RPA - What, When, and How

Learn from our industry experts how to use RPA to supercharge your business processes and gain actionable benefits.

Varun Raj, CIO at Skcript, and Swaathi Kakarla, CTO at Skcript, will discuss how to drive innovation, accelerate processes, and budgetary requirements of introducing Robotic Process Automation in your organization.

16th December 2020 Request recording

Swaathi Kakarla & Varun Raj

11.30 pm PST | 9.00 am Berlin | 1.00 pm IST

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Meet our Speakers

Photo of Varun Raj

Varun Raj, CIO at Skcript

Google Developer Expert | RPA Business Analyst | Enterprise Blockchain Architect & Consultant | Corporate Blockchain Trainer | RPA Consultant | Community Lead of Google Developer Groups Chennai | International Tech Speaker.

Having 7+ years of experience in Software Development and 4+ years in Project Management & Business Development. Successfully handled 5+ blockchain application deployments.

Photo of Swaathi Kakarla

Swaathi Kakarla, CTO at Skcript

Swaathi runs Skcript, a technology business focussing on AI and Design. She started the company during her college days and has kept it alive and growing ever since on pure customer profits. The bootstrapped company now has offices located in Dubai, Chennai, and Bangalore.

She has been coding since she was 15 years old, is an open-source contributor and a guest author for companies like SumoLogic, Stackoverflow, and ActiveState. Her passion is to get more women in the coding side of technology, and currently runs the Women Tech Maker program in collaboration with Google to make that a reality.

About Skcript

A technology company helping solve complex business problems. Skcript, with its Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Service and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Service, has worked with the largest organizations in the world to automate manual, repetitive, and critical business processes.

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