We're building tools to help you build great products.

We're a team of product builders, designers, and engineers building tools to help you build great products.

Current Ventures

In the next five years, we'll craft a product suite to revolutionize software development, becoming an operating system for product builders.




Hellonext is a customer feedback management platform for product managers to prioritize features.



In Development

changeOS is the first Generative AI based changelog generator for product teams.



In Development

helpOS is a knowledge management platform for product teams powered by GPT-3.



In Development

userOS is the simplest way to manage your customer data with AI-powered CRM.

Shared product values

When you use a product by Skcript, you're not just using a product, you're experiencing one. All our products share a common set of values that are available to you by default.

Private by default

Privacy is very fundamental to us. We go to great lengths to ensure that your data is private by default. We don't sell your data, or even think about it.

Real-time everywhere

Collaboration must be real-time. All our products are built to sync data between all your devices and people in real-time. Super fast, super reliable, and super secure.

Transparent by design

With Skcript's products, you know what you are doing. There is no information that we hide from you, and no data that we don't share with you. We believe in transparency.

Insanely fast

Every 50ms means something to you. We try to value your time more than anything else. All of Skcript's products are insanely fast. Insanely simple. Insanely secure.