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Skcript S1 AI Suite

Go from an AI idea to a production-ready application in weeks with S1 AI Suite. Take existing S1 AI Suite modules, customize, and deploy at enterprise scale at Supersonic speed.

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S1 AI Suite


Use S1 AI to clean, parse, and unify your enterprise data at scale.

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Build AI-powered computer vision applications for your enterprise.

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Build AI-powered chatbots, voicebots, and more for your enterprise.

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Days, not months. Weeks, not years. That's S1 AI Suite.

Exec. Briefing

1-2 hrs

AI Sprint

2-3 days

Customization & Go-live

20-35 days

Return on Invest

60-70 days

Dream. Deploy. Scale.

Go from plan to production in no-time with ready-to-use GenAI Enterprise applications. Built with care by the people with insanely good experience.

Ready-to-deploy AI Applications

Choose from pre-built enterprise AI use-cases and go live within days.

  • → Enterprise AI CRM
  • → Enterprise AI Finance Assistant
  • → Enterprise AI Marketing Assistant
  • → AI for Documents Processing
  • → AI for Supply Chain
  • → AI for Demand Forecasting
  • → AI for Schedule Optimization
  • → AI for Lawyers & Legal

Pre-built AI Dashboards

Pre-built dashboard that you can use to interact with your AI applications.

  • → Pre-built AI Chat Interface
  • → Pre-built CXO dashboard
  • → Pre-built sales forecasting dashboard
  • → AI Dashboard for Oil & Gas
  • → AI Dashboard for CFOs

Enterprise AI Support

Got an existing AI application and need support? We've got you covered.

  • → AI model optimization support
  • → End-to-end AI Support Services
  • → AI infra scaling support
  • → Last-mile AI Support Services

Get things started. Now.

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