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Huge list of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) use-cases for Banking

Skcript has helped automate critical banking processes for over 5 banks across the globe. Here is the entire list of use-cases that we have automated so far for the banking domain across regions. Learn more.

List of RPA use-cases in banking

As of today, Skcript has worked with the largest banks in the world to automate critical banking processes both customer-facing and the processes internal to the banks.

Usually, we start a RPA implementation by running our high-productivity RPA Process Discovery Workshop (RPA), identify the processes that has a high-impact for the banks to automate.

Here’s are the list of processes that has a high-impact, fast return-on-investment for automation:

  • Payroll Processing Automation: Processing employee payments using Oracle EBS or any other ERP system.
  • Business Development reporting: Generating reports based on sales figures from various business units for the management.
  • T24 System Automation: Automating the processes that involve T24 Core Banking System.
  • Accounts Payable Processing to automatically pay vendors and suppliers.
  • Employee On-boarding automation: Automatically on-board employees like creating their email IDs, sending our welcome emails, placing orders for merchandise and so on.
  • Credit card and loan processing automation: Provide sales and follow-up team with information about delayed credit card payments and loan payables.
  • Fraud detection: run bots to automate detecting and acting upon fraudulent transactions.
  • BTQC Automation: automate Bank transfer and QuickCash using UiPath or Automation Anywhere.
  • Reporting Automation: automate the entire reporting process for CXOs.
  • Excel automation: automate Excel reconciliation using complex macros or UiPath.
  • Account Closure Automation: automate the entire account closure processing.

This is a growing list of use-cases that we can automate using tools like UiPath, Automation Anywhere or Blue Prism.

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