Robotic Process Automation (RPA) for Dairy Farms

Automate your inventory management, payroll, invoice processing and procurement using Robotic Process Automation tools like UiPath, Automation Anywhere or Blue Prism.

What is Robotic Process Automation?

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a set of repetitive tasks that are performed by robots that are currently carried out by humans. RPA is a software that acts as a virtual co-worker performing tasks automatically so that humans can focus on things that needs more of their intellect.

One of the biggest advantage of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is the ability of the robots to use the existing systems and processes to run them faster, better and with near-zero human intervention. One of the best example is automating the data entry and verification tasks that humans perform using RPA bots. This is especially helpful in use-cases for industries like Human Resource Automation and Payroll automation using RPA.

Why RPA for Dairy Farms

RPA has the huge potential to revolutionize the dairy farms by bringing in a ton of efficiency and a faster return-on-investment. RPA can be used to reduce majority of the repetitive tasks that consume time of the full-time equivalents (FTEs) such as procurement automation, sourcing and purchase order approvals, van-sales automation, delivery note automation and so on.

Benefits of using RPA for Dairy Farms

RPA is a non-invasive technology that can run in the background without needing any human attention. Here are some of the benefits of using RPA for Dairy Farms:

  • RPA projects that run for 8 months have a return in less than 1 year.
  • Accuracy; since everything is pre-coded, there is no margin;
  • Audit Trial; fully transparent audit logs show you exactly what happened when;
  • Consistency; you can expect a task to be complete at a consistent time and process without having any second thoughts;
  • Reliability; no sick leaves, super high efficiency since bots work 24x7, every single day;

Where can Skcript help in RPA for Dairy Farms

Here are some of the use-cases of RPA for Dairy Farms:

  1. Procement Automation with SAP or Oracle systems.
  2. Microsoft Dynamics CRM Automation using UiPath or Automation Anywhere
  3. Van-sales invoicing automation using UiPath or Automation Anywhere
  4. Payroll automation using UiPath or Automation Anywhere
  5. Vendor payments automation using UiPath or Automation Anywhere
  6. Invoice and accounts receivables reconciliation automation using UiPath or Automation Anywhere
  7. Accounts payables automation using UiPath or Automation Anywhere

How can Skcript help you?

Introducing RPA processes into your business could be a huge challenge. Working with an experienced company is essential to make sure the transition is smooth. Skcript’s RPA Advisory Services can support you with the challenges, make the transition easy and deliver quality the Skcript way for your organization.

Our experienced RPA engineers and business professionals bring in a unique mix of expertise and an incredible depth of knowledge in RPA to help you implement a RPA process in your business.

Our job is not to make sure we implement RPA in your business, but also to make sure your people are ready before we go live in your organization.

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